[Suggestion] Split "software, audio, video" category

  • 12 April 2020
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Please split "software, audio, video" category to two separate categories “software” and “audio/video”. These are completely different things. Currently if I want to block only entertaining online videos I forced to block many useful software too.
Also it would be great if you add more categories to block like “humour&entertainment”, “search engines” etc.

2 replies

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Please submit your idea and create a ticket for Tech Support here https://my.kaspersky.com/

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Hello @Artemiy Smekhov,

Thank you for the suggestions:ok_hand_tone3:

Existing Kaspersky Safe Kids Application Categories:

  • MultiMedia category covers: Software for creating and playing audio and video files and animated images (for example, Windows Media Player or QuickTime).
  • Manufacturers may categorize some online cinemas or TV channels as entertainment apps, so it is also recommended to look in the Entertainment category.
  • Entertainment category = Software that entertains — apps for amusement and entertainment, apps for health and home, and more. Manufacturers may put some games, online movies, or TV channels in the entertainment category.
  • Software downloaders category = Software for downloading or sharing data, including torrent clients (for example, BitTorrent).
  • Games = Games of various kinds, for example, educational, cards, casino, arcades, or racing.
  • Manufacturers may include some games in other categories so it is also recommended to look in the Entertainment and Education categories. Note that this category does not block online games. To block online games, for a child select Settings > Internet > Websites Categories > Games > Forbidden.
  • There’s no Search Engine Category atm.

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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