Screen stays black after enter password

  • 29 January 2020
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I don’t think the responses provided by kaspersky are helpful.

Kaspersky “workaround” Use the CTRL ALT DEL fix.

Well for for a young child in school that solution is unacceptable!

Hello @New User

Welcome & agreed!

To add to “why” the Kaspersky “workaround” is untenable, young & special needs children cannot manage the workaround, discussions with their Teachers, School Assistants & School Aids, initially they were prepared to wear the impost, however, none of them can understand why this has not be fixed, nor can we & all of them do not have the time or resources to be doing this when the kids are required to CTRL ALT DEL etc., 6 times daily. 

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Same problem here. I just bought the premium license and now facing this issues.


Windows Education 20H2 (19042.789)

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Hello @Diego Balseca


It’s not very good is it:disappointed_relieved:

Also wondering why Kaspersky has 2 bug requests for the same issue:thinking: 

 3308940 @Mikhail Shakhov 

2778349  Pantalla negra al acceder a cuentas Windows con Control Parental, updated by  @Mad Will 

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it is quite wrong to state that this is a Microsoft issue. For starters, Kaspersky software operates in a Microsoft environment and has to be compliant with Microsoft...Microsoft is under no obligation to be compliant to kaspersky.

It is not the question of compatibility, it is that Kaspersky triggers some hidden bug in Windows, which can be fixed by Microsoft. We have been working on a workaround, but there is no ETA at the moment. 


Also wondering why Kaspersky has 2 bug requests for the same issue

If the symptoms are similar, it does not mean the root causes are the same. :wink:

Stuck with this black screen issue as well. Laptop used to work fine but ever since KSK has been installed the PC is rendered next to unusable. Uninstalled KSK problem went away. Reinstalled KSK and problem immediately comes back. Looking through the thread this has been going on for more than a year for people so if MS isn’t going to fix their bug then Kaspersky needs to design around it. 

Same issue with black screen on both kids laptops.

Suitable workaround is Ctrl-Alt-Del and Log off or User Change and Loggin again with the same User. It is Ok for my 10 years old son.