Schedule block is doing just the reverse!

  • 24 April 2020
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KSK schedule block is doing just the opposite on my kids devices. It's blocking the devices during the unblocked period. I set the schedule from 0900 to 2300. During this period KSK is supposed to allow my kids to use the devices. Instead it's showing 'time for a break'! What a crap application. So frustrating. I've double checked DTG, Location and everything on my kids devices. Can anyone help?  

6 replies

Can Kaspersky team respond please?

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Hello @yousuf1078,

Please tell us: 

  1. Your children’s device names, operating systems & versions?’
  2. KSK version installed on children’s devices? 
  3. Your children’s ages?
  4. Is the block issue new or has always existed? 
  5. DTG abbreviation  = :thinking:
  6. Is KSK licensed? 
  7. Please attach full screen images of all KSK settings/templates, you’ve configured?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Hello Flood,

  1. Samsung S7 with oreo and Samsung Galaxy grand 2 Kitkat.
  1. 16 and 11 years
  2. Always existed
  3. DTG= Date time group, it was my mistake. I tried to meant time zone and time format. It was Ok.
  4. Licensed
  5. Pl find the attached file

Best regards


I need to block the devices from 2300 to 0900 hours, but there is no option!

Ok. I solved the problem. Thanks in advance.

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Hello @yousuf1078

Thank you for replying, the information & the image:ok_hand_tone3: 

  • Atm you’ve blocked access between 09:00 to 23:00 - I’ve replicated your settings, see image 1 and 2

 Blocked as per yousuf1078’s settings 09:00 to 23:00


Result of current setting 



You need to delete those settings, create 2 new settings, select :heavy_plus_sign: Add time interval - to specify when to limit device use = 23:00 to midnight, midnight to 09:00 - the schedules will be as follows - see my images

 Block 23:00 to midnight


Block midnight to 09:00 



  • Result will be, children’s access is Allowed from 09:00 to 23:00 - see my image



Thank you:pray_tone3: