Safe Search messes up the filter settings

  • 12 December 2020
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Let's begin with my internet filter settings:


Safe search --> ON

Adult content --> Forbidden

Alcohol, tobacco content --> Allowed



If I google search "whiskey" or "malboro" or "porn" under these settings, the outcome is always the same: KSK red light screen. So, even though I don't care about alcohol or tobacco content being displayed, it gets blocked anyway (from search queries).


Why? Because of the flawed functionality of Safe Search.

You see, safe search blocks content that belongs in the categories:

Adult content; Alcohol, tobacco, narcotics; Profanity, obscenity; Extremism, racism,

...and that overrides user's specific instructions.


Fun fact: If I, under the same settings, type www.absolut.com (vodka brand) in the address bar, the website obviously loads like a breeze. That's because this wasn't a search query AND because the alcohol content is allowed.



In my opinion, KSK should let users define what safe search means to them by letting them CHOOSE the search categories they wish to block. This shouldn't be so hard to materialize. I believe that safe search blockings are based on certain keywords, so it would only be a matter of categorizing them.

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Hello @Bill_KSK1


:white_check_mark: Safe search does block content that belongs in the categories: adult content; alcohol, tobacco, narcotics; profanity, obscenity; extremism, racism, however, if you wish to manually manage KSK - toggle Safe search OFF:white_check_mark:

:no_entry: Previously, in Kaspersky Parental Control, Content filtering was available, that feature is not included in KSK:no_entry:

Please log a case with Kaspersky Technical Support,  fill in the Feedback, I have a complaint or I have a suggestion template: include:

  1. A detailed history
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