Safe Search in Bing/Edge?

  • 3 November 2019
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I am using Kaspersky safe kids and the Microsoft Edge browser. I searched the word “girls” in Bing and the images are adult type. Does it not properly work with Edge?

3 replies

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Hello  @Kid4,


(Windows) Kaspersky Safe Kids, does not have word Blocking/Filtering nor does it have the Keyword Control feature:unamused:

Windows KSK Library

The features remain available in Kaspersky Parental Control available in Kaspersky Total Security 2019.

Thank you

I am having a similar issue in Chrome with Google Images.  It’s not about keyword blocking.  It’s about enforcing SafeSearch.  Kaspersky Safe Kids does not enforce Safe Search.  It properly enforces Safe Search using the Firefox browser, but not in Chrome.  Can you please look into this?

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Hello Moderators,

Please remove  @magreen’s duplicated (reply) post, directly above this reply. 

I’ve provided all available information for him/her in Functionality of Kaspersky Kids

Thank you:pray_tone3: