Safe Kids has stopped working for 4 days

  • 25 March 2020
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My daughter has got a Xiaomi mi 6A on which I installed KSK.

She realized KSK has stopped working as she’s got no limit anymore. She thinks it started on Monday 23/03 but the log shows she was blocked from using facebook on that day. Actually, today 25/03 nothing is blocked, she can e.g. run Youtube full time. KSK blocking red light never shows up and she can freely run forbidden applications.

I have tried to update the product but the result is the same.

Can you help?

android v.8.1.0 O11019
kaspersky (26/02/2020)
The license is still valid and active for 139 days

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Hello @Jean Thomas


On your daugher’s  Xiaomi, uninstall KSK, at the completion of the uninstall, shutdown the Xiaomi, restart, download a new KSK installer from the GooglePlayStore & install. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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