Safe Kids: GPS usage/battery drain [moved]

  • 4 September 2019
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Hi there, don't know if it s the right place to post this.

First, sorry for my english ^^

i was wondering if it s possible to add a feature on the todo list of this great software .

the current apps drain too much battery from my kid's phone (mini s5 android 6.0.1 ): about 7 hours before the battery is depleated.

as i understand the apps keep the gps active (even if the kid disable it) and in "high accuracy mode" (even if i choose

how about an option to have "battery saving mode" (near by cell, wifi hotpost), ... sometimes (every x mins) switch to "high accuracy" just to have a better positionning and switching back to "battery saving mode"

and if the parent when to update the position of the kid, do the same

for now my kid have to turn off the phone during class and have to remember turning it on before leaving school.

have a nice day , and cheers from France

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