reinstalling KSC windows 10

  • 8 December 2021
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I have installed KSC on my Sons windows 10 pc. It was working fine. Somehow my son removed the Kaspersky directory (clever kid) and now KSC isn’t working anymore. I removed the connection in my.kaspersky and tried to uninstall KSC, but the uninstall is premature interrupted, please restart the computer and try again. But that doesn’t work either. So I tried to reinstall KSC, but the installer says “You need to start Kaspersky Safe kids an log in to continue the installation.

Is there another way to remove KSC ? Or repair the installation ?

thank you in advance

1 reply

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@smintyboy Welcome.

Please try this. :

  • Create a restore point
  •  Backup your personal files or (if possible) your full system 
  • Run the KavRemover tool
  • Reboot