please fix errors with google products!

  • 4 April 2019
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previously reported on old forums (see links below), kaspersky kids blocks google classroom and gmail - the two sites that kids these days need most. Turning off safe kids solves the problem. This is a subscription ending problem unless resolved.

First thread below indicates a bug was found but my son gets ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE whenever going to gmail.com or classroom.google.com. Occasionally, it will magically work, but he is getting it today for hours.

I happened to be home - after much digging, i can see nothing that should prevent it. After turning off safe kids and successfully going to gmail.com, now it does work (in 2 diff browsers) with kids turned on! Unfortunately, the same trick did not work for classroom.google.com.



some of the google sites that are required, that i referenced in the first link, require wildcards or have multiple numbered variations. There is no way to effectively enter those in the allowed list, perhaps that might also be related?

4 replies

wow i think i just got it working. A permanent solution is still needed bec some entries cannot use this workaround, and google could change or add to their URLs tomorrow which would break this solution.

But for now, i entered 10 approved entries for each of these, replacing [n] with 0 - 9 for these sites, and it seems to be working.

  • lh[n].google.com
  • [n].client-channel.google.com
  • clients[n].google.com
These sites cant be permanently fixed using the workaround bec wildcards are not supported by Safe Kids.
  • *.drive.google.com
  • *.docs.google.com
  • *.c.docs.google.com
  • *.clients[n].google.com
Kaspersky team, please fix bug with google classroom and gmail, so we don't have to rely on this tenuous and ridiculous workaround,.
This work around still works for gmail, but classroom is blocked again. The only current workaround is to turnoff safe kids while they need to use classrom..

Wont be renewing if this is not resolved when my renewal comes up. Overall i like Safe Kids but having to disable it defeats the entire purpose.
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Hi @mike kapersky, thanks for the continuous feedback.

You can contact the Tech Support for more information on solving the problem (and when it will be solved).
Dear @mike kapersky , can you check if the issue is now fixed? In addition, can you provide the ticket number assigned by the Customer Support (it is like INC0000****). Thanks