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Which way does Kaspersky operate with those non time limited (excluded) apps? I want to allow eg Spotify at all times (except night time, when the phone is not usable at all):

  • using Spotify the allowed daily time set runs and when the time is up, Spotify still works but nothing else will - this means using allowed, non-time-limited app, it still uses the set time limit
  • Kaspersky app won’t include usage of Spotify at all in set time limit - so the total time limit can be used by other apps

In the first scenario, if the child starts using only Spotify, it easily uses the whole time limit and lefts no time for other apps.

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Hello Paula, 

  • If an app is added to: Apps available on blocked device, the following applies:

When the device is blocked due to the time limit, the selected apps will still be available according to their specific settings.

  • If that app is used during the allowed use time, the use of it will be counted by KSK. 

  • How KSK functions on iOS device and Android devices differs, accordingly, it helps if you tell us the phone name, operating system & version please?

Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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  • KSK can be configured to manage the app use time allowed/per app.
  • KSK cannot be configured to ignore how long an app is used for.

Youtube allowed on blocked device - for this example we set device use time to 5 minutes

Youtube used for 12 minutes.

Device was blocked at 5 minutes. 


Thank you:pray_tone3:



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