No longer see updates on KSK (Safe kids) after renewing Kaspersky Inernet Security license

  • 27 August 2021
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I read about Feb 2021 issues KSK had but couldn’t solve my issue.


I am controlling my kids devices on my mobile app with KSK version (Freeware).

I have 3 devices for my kids:

  1. laptop A - recently renewed Kaspersky Internet Security license and can no longer see any updates on my phone. There was no requests received, no new alerts for anything. However, the restrictions that I put in earlier like limiting device time, restircting certain apps (like roblox) are still there. Just that I could no longer change them. Even I have changed the device time limit on my phone/log in to my kaspersky website to change it, it doesn’t show and reflect in her laptop. I tried uninstalling her KSK on her laptop, uninstalling my KSK on my phone and tried again but still failed. It just stop getting updates on her device.
  2. laptop B - another device has no issue, and I can receive updates normally
  3. mobile C - the device just stop working every one month or so. where I need to restart KSK on her phone so that all the restrictions are working again. I read that this was due to the battery issue but done all still the same.

Anyone has answer especially to item 1 above?

Thanks in advance.



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Hello @Jui

Welcome back!

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  2. Has a case been logged a case with Kaspersky Technical Support

Please let us know? 

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