No KSK prompt on Windows start

  • 15 November 2019
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is it possible to deactivate Secure Kids on Windows start, ans start it only manually on demand ?

Actually, I always get a KSK prompt on my PC start, and I don’t like this.

Thank you.

7 replies

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Hello  @mallet,

  1. Is the Notification showing when the parent accesses the device? 
  2. Please post an image of the notification?
  3. And, have you turned Notifications off?


Please let me know?

Thank you




will do it as soon back home...

Hi, back home again.


What I wish is to have KSK installed, but I wish not to use it all the time. Sometime I don't want it at all !

So I don't want the software always starting automatically when Windows starts.

You could have that choice with the old Kaspersky Parental software.

It seems we got no rights to deactivate KSK on start, even if you’re a parent…

Am I wrong ?? Thanks.

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Hello   @mallet,

I did read your and understand your original post. 

Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request: 

  1. Description of the issue.
  2. Screenshot.
  3. GSI & Windows Logs

Thank you

Thanks !

Will do this.

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Hello  @mallet,

Using Windows, Services, change KSK Startup type to Manual


Thank you

Hi, sorry for the delay.

Service > “Manual” or “Deactivated” responds “Access denied” !

But all is clear to me now, I realized I didn’t finish the complete installation, shame on me ! I didn’t enter the first child, so KSK was always prompting me to finish the job !

Anyway, Flood,your answers to my problem were much appreciated, very kind of you…

Good day to you.