New user questions: combined time, global block, reward, domain blocking

New user here. Trying to pick a parent control app (migrating from Circle) for 3 kids (8, 10, and 12) with multiple devices. I’m only using a free version now but will definitely use a paid version if it meets the need. The basic functionality I’m looking for (and can’t seem to find):

  1. How do I set up global usage time? Each of my kids has a Windows PC, an iPhone, and a tablet (iPad or Android). I know I can set up time per device, and it can be convenient (especially when kids used PC for school at home), but generally, my ideal usage would be: limit device (or internet) use to, say, 3 hours per day, regardless of the device. Is it possible? I saw a topic discussing this, but it’s not clear if this was ever implemented.
  2. Is there a simple way to block all devices for a child in a single step? Say, I configure the settings to warn kids about time limits but they ignore the warning. How do I easily go into the app and turn their access off? If not for all devices at once, maybe one device at a time? (By “blocking”, I mean either internet access or use of the device; either would be fine.)
  3. Once a child exceeds the set time limit, is there a way to extend it as a reward?
  4. For the internet access, how does access work? In Circle, the URLs are blocked depending on the age group, but default values can be unblocked (or if they are not blocked they can be as well). Say, for a teen, I’d definitely want to block pornhub but allow YouTube.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Devices: Windows PC, iPhone, iPad tablet, Android tablet
  1. How do I set up global usage time?
  2. Is there a simple way to block all devices for a child in a single step? 
  3. Once a child exceeds the set time limit, is there a way to extend it as a reward?
  4. For the internet access, how does access work?

Hello @alekdavis


  • :one: You can’t.
  • Global device use / time management has been requested by many parents in various topics, in the original Forum & dating back, in this Community portal, to 2019 - Kaspersky recently closed our request → they’ve been responding with lines like “Suggestion implementation ETA is equal to infinity.” :rage:
  • :two: No. There is no Kill switch. To block the device or stop internet use, involves multiple steps, select the device you wish to block, select Device monitoring, select BLOCK rule, go to Time settings, change the day you’re currently in to 0 hours, 0 minutes. After you’ve managing the blackout period, you need to setup which time settings you previously had, that are wiped out because of the manual intervention you’ve had to take. 
  • :three:Reward time: Windows, the child selects I want more, either before the time expires, the child will receive an alert advising end time is approaching, or if the time expires, the screen will offer the I want more option, when the child selects I want more, a request is sent to the parent, you consent to the request or not. 
  • Reward time: Android, set WARNING rule, when that’s set, the time expires, the child gets a Time’s up with a I WANT MORE option, the child selects I WANT MORE & that’s exactly what happens, KSK gives the child continued access - no request is sent to the parent, no parental involvement beyond configuring KSK. IF BLOCK rule is set there is no option offered to the child at all, the device is blocked - end of story → note, how KSK manages this has also been the subject of multiple parents topics & incident requests to KSK specialists, those requests have had similar sorry outcomes as Kill switch & Global requests. 
  • Reward time: iOS, not available on iOS devices. Children can only ask for permission to visit blocked websites.
  • Alternatively, use the  BLOCK ALL WEBSITES → This setting is available for: Windows app and later, Android app and later, iOS app and later.
  • iOS / KSK functions very differently to KSK → Windows, Android & MAC, see dot point 5 & sub points
  • :four: Windows, Android, MAC & iOS v1.48.0.0  → KSK has YouTube safe search
  • KSK has Application monitoring → Categories, PORN & similar Categories are blocked by default.
  • :five: KSK, iOS differences:
  1. Children must use KSK Safe browser only.
  2. KSK relies on the child’s age to manage which apps are available, when KSK is configured it applies “age appropriate” rules; if any apps are not in the age range for the child, the apps will vanish, they will not be visible to the child. 

We always recommend thoroughly testing KSK before investing, which, it sounds as if you’re doing that:clap_tone3:

A simple KSK video, note the iOS advisories


Any questions, please post back? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:
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Windows - KSK library

Android/iOS - KSK library

@Flood and Flood's wife Thank you so much for such a detailed response. I really appreciate it. Although, it sounds like I need to get back to search. Bummer, I was really excited to find KSK but without such basic functionality it seems like a no-go. As a developer, I’m baffled why this is not implemented (it’s not a platform limitation for sure and they already have the info). Well, anyway, back to the drawing board. Thanks again.