Netflix restriction config

  • 15 January 2021
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How do I configure Netflix (or any specific application) to be allowed or not? The app (Netflix) is installed on the tablet, but it does not show up on the admin page for me to set it. My son requests permission to use it, but I keep getting emails saying he’s accessed a blocked app (and have no option to permit it). 

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1 reply

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Hello @macroman,


  1. Has the issue always existed? 
  2. Do any applications show in the KSK Application monitoring list? 
  3. Which android OS version → open phone Settings, scroll to the bottom of the screen, select →  About or About phone or About device ? 
  4. Does the android meet System requirements? 
  5. How much Rom & Ram memory is available on the android? 
  6. In the KSK Settings, notifications, have all required options been checked → image 6? 
  7. Has Netflix been uninstalled & reinstalled? 
  8. Has KSK been uninstalled, device fully powered off, then on, new KSK downloaded & installed? 
  9. Is KSK Premium or Free?








Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3: