Multi-modal schedule

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Kaspersky Safe Kids is now offering a new functionality requested by our users – multi-modal schedule, where parents will have a possibility to simultaneously set up both the schedule (e.g. – prohibit using the device from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m.), and the overall number of device use hours (e.g. – allow to use the device for no longer than 2 hours per day).
Such multi-modal schedule is available for setting up from Windows & Android devices, plus via My Kaspersky account.
It is operating at Windows devices, version and higher.
Android devices, version and higher.
Please note, it is necessary to update the apps both on parents’, and kids’ devices!
Support of the feature from iOS devices is scheduled in a few months’ time.
macOS is so far out of schedule.
Important: if Kaspersky Safe Kids is installed on 2 parent devices – one being Android-based, the other one – iOS-based, it shall be possible to set up multi-modal schedule from Android devices only. Schedule management from iOS devices shall be unavailable.

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