[Mobile] Lost all exclusion list and cannot add, not finding the phones...

  • 21 July 2020
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Trying to unblock a youtube in the exclusion list, but the list has gone empty for both my kids.  Neither of them can access youtube as I cannot seem to add it.  This has happened before, but eventually hours later started to work again. 

I’ve got on my desktop n logged onto kaspersky, n noticed it cannot find my kids devices... 

Why is happening frequently?  It’s annoying when it happens especially at the times kids need to access youtube to study for their classwork.

1 reply

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Hello @itchibahn,

Welcome back!

  • If, on the desktop, (MyKaspersky) KSK app list appears empty, then re-appears some hours later, it indicates there’s an issue with either the PC, the Androids, the KSK install & or possibly network/synchronising:thinking:

Please tell us, for all devices:

  1. Android names & operating system versions?
  2. KSK version?
  3. Available ROM & RAM
  4. PC name & operating system version?
  5. KSK version?
  6. On PC, has KSK been uninstalled, clean installed & configured, according to documentation?
  7. On Androids, has KSK been uninstalled, clean installed & configured, according to documentation?

Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3: