Login to my.kaspersky.com nicht möglich

  • 18 July 2019
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I use SafeKids and renewed my license just 1 week ago. During this I changed my password for my.kaspersky.com. Today I tried to login on my PC and got the message that the login is not possible and I should try again later.
Email and password are correct (checked multiple times) and the access with the android app is still possible.

Therefore, I wonder if there is a technical problem with the website login?


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3 replies

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Hello Andre,
I can see you successfully changed your password for your MyKaspersky account https://my.kaspersky.com/, the web portal, where KSK is managed, and using the android you can access KSK.

Just so we're very clear please:

  • Is it the PC (Windows ?) that you cannot log in too?
  • (KSK) on the PC?
  • If it's the KSK application on the PC, have you uninstalled KSK & reinstalled?
  • There's a Kaspersky password reset tool, KLPAR, for Kaspersky software, BUT, it does not mention KSK
  • There's also KAVREMOVER, this tool does remove KSK

As with any software removal, reset, re-install, it's critical to REBOOT between each sequence, so, after removal, before reinstall, after reinstall, & so on.
For both KLPAR & KAVREMOVER it's critical to follow the directions and, if you can access the device, create a system image and restore point before using any tools, making any changes.

Please let us know?



Ive same problem, cant login in my kasperksy, testet with new installed win 10 without any third part software. Live Chat no connection… Kaspersky contaminated?

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Hello @kato,


Please tell me:

  1. Win10 version & build
  1. Which Kaspersky software is installed on the W10 device: name, version and patch

Are there 2 issues:

:one: Unable to login into MyKaspersky account?

:two: Unable to login to Kaspersky LiveChat ?

:three: Are you unable to login to Kaspersky LiveChat, irrespective of browser used? 

:four: Are there any errors for either :one:  & or  :two:, if “yes”, may I have images please? 

:five: On the Support for Home Products page, after selecting your Country, GENERAL PRODUCT USE, CHAT WITH AN EXPERT



  • what happens? 
  • Has Kaspersky LiveChat been available & used previously

Please let me know?

Thank you:pray_tone3: