Login to Mojang my.minecraft.com blocked by Kaspersky for kids

  • 31 December 2019
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Kaspersky for Kids appears to block the Mojang login to the my.minecraft.com site.

I tried this with multiple browsers. Messages flash past as the login fails but it appears to be that the authentication token is being blocked, and the user is returned to the login screen as if no login were attempted. This differs from incorrect user/password, which provides a red error box.


When I try the login on an adult account on the same machine, it works fine.

Works fine on other machines.

Only the kid’s accounts on the machine fail.


It looks like a cookie is being blocked, either on send or receive.


How can I stop this behaviour?

Is there a site whitelist?

5 replies

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Hello  @P Wake,


May I know please:

  1. Child’s device operating system name, version & build?
  2. KSK version
  3. Is the my.minecraft.com Mojang login, failing, on every machine, if the login is attempted using the child’s KSK profile
  4. May I have images of the error(s)?
  5. Is there any other Kaspersky software installed on the Child’s device? If “yes’, please advise name, version & patch?
  6. Is KSK Free or Premium? (Free has configuration limitations, advertising & no technical support, if we know this in advance, we don’t waste your time, telling you, for example: “contact Technical Support”). 
  7. Additional:  Is the failing my.minecraft.com Mojang login (for your child) an authenticated account?
  8. Has my.minecraft.com Mojang login / KSK ever worked or is this a new issue? 
  9. Is the child’s Mojang account for a child under 13? 

Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


  1. Windows 10 Pro, V 1909, Build 18363.535
  2. Latest update
  3. Child only has a profile on one machine
  4. No, there is no “error”, instead I am returned to the login screen without explanation. However, there are various status message that flash past. They go too quick to read properly. I believe I see obtaining authentication token, then redirecting… I could be mistaken, it goes so far.
  5. Latest version of the entire suite, including password manager, safe browsing, but not VPN.
  6. Premium.
  7. What do you mean authenticated account? It has *authentication*, that is what is failing. It does not appear to use an OAuth 2 solution, such as Google Account login. It has its own authentication solution that is specific to Mojang; e.g. cannot use MS Password.
  8. As the account is new, it’s never been tested before. Essentially, I cannot answer this question meaningfully. It may be an old issue, but the account is new, so I only just tried it.
  9. Do you mean in Kaspersky, or in Mojang? I don’t believe Mojang apply any age limits to Minecraft. It is a child under 13 in KSK.
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Hello  @P Wake

Thank you for replying and the information.

  1. KSK version  please? 
  2. Re (3), referring back to your original post: “Works fine on other machines”, if, on the “other” machines, using KSK & the child’s Windows account, does the same issue happen?
  3. Re (7) Mojang/Minecraft “authenticated” account. 
  4. Re (9) Mogang/Minecraft, does have “age” consents. 
  5. Is the Mojang/Minecraft account Subscription or Free? 
  6. Are there any other Minecraft sites that (you) can test logging into, (as the child) to see if it’s specific to Mojang or not please? 
  7. (For me to test) may I have the exact URL please? 

Please let me know?

Thank you. 

  1. Version
  1. The child has no other Windows accounts, so the child cannot log in from any other machines. I can log in to the account from any machine successfully. I can also log in on the child’s computer, using my own Windows account. The child’s Windows account fails to login to my.minecraft.net on the child’s machine. It is not practical to install KSK on another machine, and give the child a Windows account there, just to test this. Perhaps, however, I could uninstall KSK from the child’s machine and see if the problem goes away? That is also quite bothersome. I would probably declare my purchase of KSK a failure at that point, and not reinstall it.
  1. Re (7) Mojang/Minecraft “authenticated” account. 

You repeat this question from before with no further explanation. What do you mean?

Do you mean “Is the account email verified?”

Yes. It is. It is impossible to buy Minecraft on an unverified account.

  1. Re (9) Mogang/Minecraft, does have “age” consents. 

Are you suggesting that KSK is communicating additional age information “secretly” to Mojang while the authentication is taking place, and causing the login to fail because it’s under-age? That seems unlikely.

It seems more likely that the safe browsing feature has broken the web-site login because it doesn’t like the authentication token’s cookie or its attributes.

  1. Is the Mojang/Minecraft account Subscription or Free? 

*Buying Minecraft* is an entirely separate process from making an account.

The *account* is free. Products are purchased within an account. The products are *not* free.

The Java Minecraft purchase within the account is *not* free. It is not a trial or offer; it is a purchased product within a Mojang my.minecraft account.


  1. Are there any other Minecraft sites that (you) can test logging into, (as the child) to see if it’s specific to Mojang or not please? 

No. As far as I know, a my.minecraft.net login is not going to be useful to login anywhere but my.minecraft.net.



The login URL is this: https://my.minecraft.net/en-us/login/?return_url=/en-us/profile/

It may vary if you attempt to login after a failure.

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Hello @P Wake,

I understand you can log in successfully, however, it’s your child’s account/Mojang/Minecraft that you’re reporting an issue with. Had you been able to test the issue using your child’s KSK profile, on another device, may have shown if the issue was specific to the child’s device and or child’s KSK profile. 

Regarding (7), I answering your question “What do you mean authenticated account ?”

(9), was referring to Mojang account users under 13 policy, additionally, KSK (child profiles) are setting according to the birth year entered when a child’s profile is created, KSK - age guidelines, and, for Gaming: age-based advisory ratings apply as well. 

Regarding “It seems more likely that the safe browsing feature  has broken the web-site login”, is Kaspersky “Safe Money” browser ( a component of Kaspersky’s Home AV software) being used when this issue is happening? 

Kaspersky specifically states:  Kaspersky Safe Kids is guaranteed compatible with any of the following third-party applications - Minecraft is listed. 

Using a child profile, birth year 2008, under 13, I’ve successfully logged in to my.minecraft.net/mojang account. 

I think it would be best to raise the issue with Kaspersky Technical Support. The Support Team may request a GSI & Windows Logs, and Traces, collected as the issue is replicated, they will guide you with the collection of the Traces. 

Thank you.