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  • 14 November 2019
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My daughter received a message that “Safe Kids used her location 76 times in the background over the past 3 days. Do you want to continue to allow background location use?”  This appears to be a glitch. Can anyone help me resolve this? Thanks!


5 replies

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Hello @Sheila.Kailus,


Please let me know:

  1. Child’s device: Operating system name, version and build ?- How to find the version of your operating system
  2. KSK version? How to find out which version of Kaspersky Safe Kids is installed on your device?
  3. Is KSK “Where is my child” enabled? 
  4. Is the message: “Safe Kids used (child’s) location 76 times in the background over the past 3 days”, a push notification, an email, a popup?
  5. May I have a screen image of the message please?
  6. Please log into your MyKaspersky account, select KIDS tab, select Summary, select 7days, in the lower righthand corner of the KSK screen, select download icon, “Export summary to a file”, this will download the Summary Report (as a .csv file), to your desktop. 


  7. Please upload the Report to cloud storage of your choice, and PM the link to me please? 


Please post back?

Thank you

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Hello @Sheila.Kailus,

As I don’t know your daughters device, this may or may not help: What to do when your iPhone says an app has been using your location in the background

If it’s an  iOS 13 device: 

The new version of iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, offers more awareness of what apps are doing when you’re not using them.After upgrading to iOS 13, you may start to receive notifications that say things like, “Facebook has used your location 34 times in the background in the past 3 days.” The prompts come with a little map that seems to indicate where you’ve been over that time, and ask if you “want to continue to allow background location use.”

The article has guidance to follow.

KSK, if “Where is my child” is enabled does, by nature of the feature, use Geolocation & GPS, that would certainly explain, if the device is an iOS, why & how the alerts have “appeared”. 

If the alerts are from KSK, please let me know, I’m happy to work with you on the issue?

Thank you

She has an iPhone so it is the iOS system. Here’s the screenshot:


Thank you!

My primary concern is that I did not try to locate my kid 76 times in 3 days. She was traveling by car from Chicago to St Louis and I checked on her 2-3 times. Is it possible that when my child is moving, the app thinks there’s are more requests because it keeps trying to locate her and it cannot do so easily?

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Hello @Sheila.Kailus,

Thank you for replying. 

  1. KSK Real time "Where is my kid" backgound processes are not iniated by any action made by you. 
  2. For KSK  "Where is my kid" to work, to check your children's location on a map, and for you to receive notifications, if your child goes outside the safe area, it needs to run background processes. 
  3. "Background" process exists, otherwise, you'd get a realtime alert every time your child moved beyound the defined map & everytime KSK did a handshake with the map. 
  4. 76 times in 3 days, just over once an hour every 24hrs, an hourly handshake between KSK & GoogleMaps. 
  5. When KSK is setup, we grant permisions for the app to run, if location monitoring permission is not granted, KSK does work. 
  6. Now, with Apple implementing new changes, the alerts from Apple will persist, Apple is “communicating” with you/your child, unless, you tell “Apple”, by selecting “Always Allow”, the permissions you’ve granted (to KSK) are by choice & correct. 

Please let me know if you need more information?

Thank you. 

Locate your child via his or her mobile device

Kaspersky Safe Kids uses Google Maps to locate mobile devices. By using Google Maps, you automatically accept its terms of service. More information about Google Maps tools is available on the Google support website