KSK not generating reports, password rejected

  • 14 April 2021
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Just installed KIS and KSK today on two computers, both Macs, both running OSX 10.15 Catalina.  One of them works fine, I can see my kids’ activity on my.kaspersky.com, etc.  The other computer says everything is installed, but it does not work.  It does not block websites, it does not generate any activity on my.kaspersky.com, but it doesn’t give any errors.  When I try to go to settings on the computer itself, it asks for my.kaspersky.com account login, but then tells me the password is incorrect -- even though I just used that password on the same computer via web browser to log into https://my.kaspersky.com.

Please help me figure out what’s broken here.  The software appeared to install the same way, successfully, on both computers. 

2 replies

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Hello @daventrina


  1. On the MAC, where KSK is not working, which was installed first → KIS or KSK? 
  2. Is KSK Premium or Free? 
  3. On the MAC, where KSK is not working, has a password reset been attempted? 
  4. Uninstall KSK → however, at the completion of the uninstall, shutdown the MAC, power off completely, power on, attempt a re-install? 

Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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Additional resource: 

Read before you create a new topic! by @Danila T. 

  1. KSI first, then KSK (both Macs same process)
  2. Premium
  3. No, because I don’t really want to reset the password for the entire account and all devices, just want this instance to recognize the password that everything else uses.
  4. I’ll try a reinstall and post here if it helped.