KSK not detecting device activity occasionally

  • 17 October 2020
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Hi, I have KSK premium installed on my child’s Windows 10 laptop. Occasionally KSK does not recognize device activity even when it is being used and connected to the internet. I have disabled antivirus apps on the laptop. And any schedule restrictions i specify do not work. How can I trouble shoot this? Thanks.

3 replies

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Hello @Dad


  • Disabling AntiVirus, on any device accessing the internet, is not recommended, unless for testing/troubleshooting, certainly not as an ongoing solution. 
  1. Is the “any schedule restrictions I specify do not work” a persistent issue or intermittent? 
  2. Have any network checks been done? 
  3. Which anti-virus is installed?
  4. Does the laptop meet recommended requirements - check: System requirements for Kaspersky Safe Kids for Windows
  5. Which Windows 10 version & build,  in Windows :mag_right: search, type     winver   - the popup will display the required information
  6. Which patch(x) is KSK up to → on the Windows taskbar, highlight the KSK icon, a tiny popup will show version & patch(x) or right-click the KSK icon, select About, a popup window will show version & patch(x)     x = letter
  7. Has KSK been uninstalled according to documentation & clean installed according to documentation?  

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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Thanks. Turns out that the laptop was reset and new accounts set up. That is the issue … sorry to waste your time.

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Hello @Dad 

Thank you for the update:ok_hand_tone3:
No trouble whatsoever, we're delighted the issues are resolved:relaxed: !

  • Moving forward, please ensure the installed anti-virus is active whenever the internet is used. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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