KSK doesn't register play time with steam games. Game Worm.is does not appear in app list. Block youtube no work unless clear cache first.

  • 24 April 2021
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1- Today I spent around an hour and a half playing steam games with my kid. “We” (he really) played geometry dash, among us and super cable boy (each is limited to 1 hour max). After checking his app activity (been 3 hours since) I see that only geometry dash registered its play time. The other two it's like he never opened them. However the global computer usage is being registered alright.

2- He played a new game (worm.is) yesterday for almost 2 hours. So far (~24 hours since) it hasn't appeared in the app list so I cannot even set time restrictions for it. Also those 2 hours he played  yesterday don't even show up in his activity.


Absolutely crushing disappointment in KSK. You would think that a parental control app would at the very least work well with what is by far most important game store/launcher. They didn't even notice that you cannot start blocking youtube in chromium (chrome, edge) until you clear the browser's cache. I guess this is a side project for Kapersky. My trial ends in 4 days but I've seen enough.

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