KSK doesn't allow to block child's device after daily limit or out of schedule on iPhone

  • 25 December 2020
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I was waiting for so long when it would be possible to use daily limits and schedule. Finally, two weeks ago, I received a notification that this option will be available. I was delighted. I didn't hurry to update the app on the child's device (Samsung phone) because I would change it to Apple. 

So I changed his phone to Iphone 6 (previous my phone), installed the app, updated everything, and even managed to set time limits and schedule, but what a surprise - there are no option to block the device when daily limit is reached, or a child is outside the schedule.

However, this function is available in description of monitoring options, but it is not available as real option.

So now my child gets only warnings and continues to use the phone. This makes me so sad because if this option is not working I do not see any reason for using your app.

Anyway, I can't use this app now, even monitoring daily limits (and blocking), not talking about combining time limits and schedule. And this is the same either trying to set these options via mobile application or desktop.

Support via LiveChat informed me that there is no option of device blocking for iphone yet.

I would be delighted if you could fix this as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will be forced to cancel my subscription and look for another application.

I am now using iPhone 12 Pro Max as a parent device (also IOS 14.3)

Please see attached screenshots.

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Hello @Sabine


Please tell us the actual OS version of the iPhone 6 (your child’s phone)? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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iOS devices cannot be blocked due to operating system limitations

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