kids safe reports new app but it does not appear in the apps list

  • 11 November 2019
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kids safe reports new a new app installed. However it does not appear in the apps list, so i cannot restrict it. In this case the app is instagram.

any ideas about this?

4 replies

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Hello @Stan65,

Welcome back!

Please tell me:

  1. The child’s device operating sytem & version? 
  2. KSK version?
  3. Has Child’s device been fully shutdown and restarted since adding Instagram?
  • Just as information, I installed Instagram, last updated, 5 November 2019, on child’s Android, KSK allocates application category Social Networks, does not seem to be any issues (for me):thinking:
  • If there are a lot of apps on the device, I find it easier to enter the app name or part of the app name & “search:mag: ”...


Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


I have used the below listed workaround when KSK misbehaves as you have have described, please reply if this method worked for you,

1. open the KSK app
2. open 'Device use' settings (gear symbol)
3. select the device with the new app
4. select 'Chose an app'
5. select '+ Add app'
6. add the new app from the Apps on the child's device
7. then only tap the green back arrow (top left) to get back to the home screen (~4 times)
8. select 'Apps & games' settings (gear symbol)
9. go to the bottom find 'Exclusions' select 'Apps'
10. the new App should now appear as, 'Works, even if the device is blocked
11. select the App, modify the settings as needed


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Hello @XM42,

Welcome again!

For your instructions, what device operating system are you using as a “guide”?

Please post back?

Thank you


Thanks for the reply, but the app has since been removed so I cannot give any feedback.