Kaspersky Safe Kids isn't logging activity or usage time all of a sudden

  • 28 October 2020
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The application had been working fine up until today, now it says there is 'no info on device use' for the PC and no history of Internet usage from today. 


Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application, same problem, no longer logging anything to do with the PC. 

8 replies


Create a request to Tech Support


Having the exact same problem. Bought the premium version and have the latest install. Made a work ticket for it too.

@BobBuzz Please see the Post above your Post.

If I understand you correctly I should create a ticket?

Is there a solution to the problem or not?

If so please post here.

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@BobBuzz If you are encountering this issue please create a Ticket.

What was wrong? Having the same problem.


Similar problem here: screen time is not being recorded. I do see internet usage details, but no overall time spent on the computer. This has happened several times before; seems to happen all of a sudden with no reason, then starts recording time again (for a day or longer), then stops again. This week I have time recorded on Monday, but not on Tuesday through Friday.

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Hello @canadianmom


It’s a known issue, in hand with Kaspersky/KSK developers. 

This is their current advice: 



Thank you:pray_tone3:

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There’s quite a few topics that have been raised: or existing topics, replied to by parents:

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& more

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@BobBuzz Please see the Post above your Post.