Is it possible to block with iphone?

  • 3 November 2021
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I just purchased this app as I read that I could set time limits and that it would block my daughters IPhone. As she is only 10 she will quite happily sit on the phone all day but it was intended so that she could stay in touch with me while I am away and for her to be allowed to roam out of sight to meet her friends at their house. But when I have set limits all it will do is pop up a warning to her. Do any 10 year olds take notice of things like this? No way so I have now paid for a glorified find my iPhone app that I had and worked well anyway? Why advertise that it can be blocked if they exceed their limits if it is not possible? 

Am I doing this wrong or is it not possible? If it isn’t possible who can recommend an app that can as I have 2 boys that will soon be getting iPhones and I don’t want to be paying for something that doesn’t do what it was sold to do!

2 replies

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Am I doing this wrong or is it not possible? 

Hello @Strange traveller


You’re doing nothing wrong, it’s not possible to block iOS devices!

In their About device use monitoring documentation, Kaspersky advises:

  • On your child's iOS devices, Kaspersky Safe Kids displays a notification that it's time to take a break.
  • iOS devices cannot be blocked due to operating system limitations.

Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to recommend alternative solutions, otherwise we’d breach Community rule: 

  • Publication of links or software from third-party vendors of information security products, or their use when resolving issues (if Kaspersky Lab has already developed similar products).
  1. Perhaps google "best parental control software for iOS?" or a similar search.
  2. Before investing again, contact the alternative providers & ask them if their software does actually block the device when the time is up? 
  3. If you’ve decided KSK is of no use, contact Kaspersky & request a refund, on the support page, select Email, fill in Order & Payment issues, How to request a refund; in the problem details, provide the information you’ve shared with us, complete the robot challenge & the privacy consent & select Submit; you’ll receive an automated email with an incident # reference & then, usually within 5 business days, a Kaspersky support person will email you, either seeking further information or offering a solution. 

Please do not hesitate to post back if we can be of any assistance? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:





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@Strange traveller Welcome.

Please search for “Privacy Restrictions” on support.apple.com