Instantly block access?

  • 17 April 2021
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Is there a way to instantly block access to a device even when a kid has screen time left? Also, surely there is some way to disable the “advice” from parenting experts. I can do it in the mobile app, but not on my.kaspersky.com.

We got off to a great start with this but scratch below the surface and it seems half baked and buggy with notifications working but not child requests in the mobile app, multiple clicks through slow, cumbersome menus to get to the most often used functions, and no way to track screen time across multiple devices.  Searching the forums it seems that there is no real support either, just well meaning customers trying to figure things out on their own. Disappointing.

3 replies

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  1. Is there a way to instantly block access to a device even when a kid has screen time left? 
  2. Is some way, in my.kaspersky.com, to disable the “advice” from parenting experts? 
  3. I can do it in the mobile app. 
  4. Multiple clicks through slow, cumbersome menus to get to the most often used functions -> agreed, it's clunky. 
  5. No way to track screen time across multiple devices. 
  6. Notifications working but not child requests in the mobile app

Hello @soupmedia


1.    No. So necessary! Previously formally logged with KSK Developers, 


  1. No, so annoying. 
  2. How, please share the method? 
  3. Agreed, it's clunky, cumbersome & labor intensive, not parent focused. 
  4. Correct, issue has formally been in hand with KSK developers for 603 days days, still pending review.
  5. Re Support, for any licensed Kaspersky software, Kaspersky offer Technical Support; however, we recommend, always also raise a topic in the Community, for a number of reasons, example: other Community members may be able to help; or be helped by a topic. Transparency, there's many more.  
  6. May we know which notifications you're referring to; we'd like to better understand the issue & test - please give us actual examples? 
  • Please also let us know the device(s) OS version, so our tests replicate your actual experience? 

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Additional resource:

Read before you create a new topic! by @Danila T. 

Thanks Flood. Are you an official Kaspersky rep? You seem to be the only person actively monitoring these forums.

In answer to your questions:

  1. In the android app there is a checkbox under Settings to disable parent advice but this only affects the android app. Parental advice still shows on the website.
  1. Re: Support. I purchased the premium version of Safe Kids after being impressed with the initial install. It is only after actually using it for a couple of weeks that the shortcomings are evident. Requests formally in hand by KSK devs for 603 days? Really? As a software developer this seems outrageous.
  2. The notifications for kids going over time are scoming through on the android app, they send a request to extend time which shows up in my.kaspersky.com but the android app reports No Child Requests. Clearly broken.

Kids devices are all WIn 10, android device is a Nokia 7.1 with the latest android release.

I want to like this solution but as stated before, it seems half baked. It is clear that the UX testing is insufficient. Having to click through multiple slow loading screens to get to settings, then having to click settings again on individual devices is frustrating for what should be simple, everyday actions.

What makes is more frustrating is that some of these things are simple UX fixes. For a product that has been in the market for this long, I expected better.  

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Hello @soupmedia

Sorry for the long delay:disappointed_relieved: !

Regarding “official Kaspersky rep”, no, absolutely nothing to do with Kaspersky, we’re long term users of Kaspersky software, active in this Community. 

Reply from Russia KSK experts:


Unfortunately, there is no way to allow additional time for the kid in the mobile application for parents.

The notification for more time arrives only to the email.

This is just happening so historically, there is no good explanation.

In addition, the parent app has not been designed to manage requests for additional time.

End quote


Thank you:pray_tone3: