I need to switch a device from one child to a different child in Kaspersky Safe Kids

  • 12 August 2019
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I have 5 children and multiple devices on Kaspersky Safe Kids. One of my children is starting high school and no longer needs an ipad for school this year. I want to switch his ipad in KSK to my youngest child who will be using the ipad for school this year. But I can't see any way to switch a device that's already in KSK from one child to a different child. All I can see is a way to disconnect a device from a child (which removes KSK from the device) or to add a new device to a child (which directs you to a link to set up KSK for the first time on a new device). I really don't want to take the time to completely remove KSK from the ipad, then add to to the other child, and have to start from scratch setting KSK up all over again. Is there any way to just switch a device to a different child? Thanks!

8 replies

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Hello @mom5boys,
Welcome back☺️!
  • In your online MyKaspersky account is the youngest child added? IF not, ADD child #5

  • Alternatively, EDIT - existing child - change NAME & BIRTH YEAR - ADD image if required, NEXT, configure changed profile suitable for youngest child.
https://my.kaspersky.com//MyKids/ xxxx /Edit#/

Let us know how you go?
Best regards.
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Yes, all of my children and all of our devices are already in KSK. I just want to change one of the existing devices in KSK from one child to a different child. Is there a way to do this?
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Hello @mom5boys,
  • There is an existing device with KSK sofware installed. (Actually, at least 5 devices)
  • KSK is managed via MyKaspersky account.
  • You don't need to change the device.
  1. When you go to MyKaspersky KSK KIDS - CHILD ONE - EDIT - change the name, change the year of birth, to CHILD FIVE, what happens?
  2. Please send screen images so I can guide you?
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Oh, so are you suggesting that I change the KSK profile for my older child to my youngest child? The only problem with that is that I do still want my older child to be on KSK. I want my older child's ipad to be switched to my youngest child. But I also want to keep my older child on KSK because my older child has a KSK account on our family's computer too.
(Each child has a KSK account on our home computer, plus some of them have KSK ipad accounts and my oldest child has KSK on his cell phone. So I'm afraid that editing the profile of one child and changing it to another child will still leave me with the same problem -- they won't be connected to the correct devices on KSK anymore. Unless I'm misunderstanding your instructions?
What I need is to find a way that I can keep all the kids & keep all the different devices that are already linked to KSK, and just switch 1 device to a different child. It seems like this feature should exist . . .
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Please provide device identifying details otherwise it gets messy.
  • Youngest child, atm, which device, is configured with a KSK profile?
  • AND, which device would you like KSK to be configured on for youngest child?
KSK OLDEST child account - for the MOBILE device needs to be reconfigured to be YOUNGEST child.
Reconfiguring, OLDEST child / KSK / MOBILE account will not impact OLDEST child EXISTING KSK / WINDOWS account / configuration & the KSK "RULES" you've set.

Home computer = 5 x child KSK accounts
OLDEST CHILD mobile PH = KSK account
IPAD devices(/) = some (?) x KSK accouns
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Ok, I got it to work. Thanks for your suggestions!
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Excellent @mom5boys 👌🏽
Thanks for letting us know🙏🏽
I have no idea how you manage 5👦s,🤔 I'd need more than Kaspersky software.
You must be 💪🏾Mum😉.
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