How to prevent kaspersky Safe kids from unistalling and safe search and web filtering isn't working perfectly

  • 8 April 2021
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My Kid is able to bypass Kaspersky Safe Kids on PC and Android

In Android he is able to do so by these ways

1.By simply resseting the phone.

2.By turning on airplane mode,turning off WIFI,Mobile Data and then restart the device,after reopening the device,just very quickly go to apps in system app drawer and unistall the safe kids app very fast as very soon safe kids automatically turn on mobile data,and wifi.

3.As he is using Huawei phone,he simply turns on the ultra power saving mode in notification area,this turn off the accessibility permission and can we easily uinstalled.

4.My using many third party uninstallers.

5.My using HiSuite(recovery application in Huawei phones.)

6. My using adb

7.My using Find my device and Bitdefender antivirus  to reset the device.

8.Using Safe mode.

9.Using Huawei phones inbuilt applications called optimiser to force stop safe kids even if settings app in blocked on Safe Kids.

9.Using 3rd party settings app available on the web.


In PC this can easily done

1.As he is using HP laptop,he can simply use hp troubleshoot to stop safe kids.

2.By going to windows settings app,go to recovery,select advanced repair,after it selecting troubleshoot,then reset the pc.then select erase everything,in this way he can simply rid of safe kids without admin rights.

3.By using many available third party uinstallers.

4.By reinstalling windows through usb.

5.Removing user account through repair my pc.

6.Using third party pc repair applications.


Even without unistalling the safe kids app,it filtering can we easily bypassed by searching by odd topic and intelligently routing to mature content,by searching by the ways that seems to be legit and slowly routing to mature content,by using video suggestion feature of youtube,search forums,website to access mature content,by visiting to newly made mature site,my using wikipedia and searching mature content on it,etc.,There on countless number of ways to bypass the safe kids.

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1 reply

I had also contacted Kaspersky Support for this too

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