• 8 July 2019
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I WANT TO DISABLE KEY WORDS LIKE "ANIME' , "CARTOONS", "DOWNLOADS" ETC SO THAT MY CHILDREN CANNOT VISIT THOSE WEBSITES WHICH CONTAIN THESE WORDS ON THE NET.... I AM USING (f) version of the kaspersky internet security and 2019 version of kaspersky safe kids....plz help

4 replies

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Hello Mantico,'
"Using KIS, Parental Control, Keyword Control, you can configure monitoring of usage of specific words and word combinations in the user's correspondence over social networks and on websites.
Detect use of key words
This check box enables / disables control of use of key words and word combinations in the user's messaging.
If this check box is selected, Parental Control saves information about use of key words in messaging to a report. You can create a list of key words and word combinations in the List of key words window. This window opens when you click the Edit list of key words link.
If the list of key words is empty, Parental Control does not monitor use of key words.
If this check box is cleared, Parental Control does not monitor use of key words.
Edit list of key words
Clicking this link opens the Keyword Control window. In this window, you can create a list of key words and word combinations to be controlled in the user's messaging."

  • HOWEVER, this monitors the use of the "defined" words, "BLOCKs" in messaging, like Facebook & webforms, not in web browsers.
  • KSK has no WORD BLOCKING/FILTERING available, nor does it have the KIS KEYWORD Control feature.
  • Also note, apparently Kaspersky is replacing Parental Control, available with ALL Kaspersky (home) product software, with KSK and apparently, KSK will have to be purchased seperately.
  • Recent changes to KSK that may interest you:
Smart control for smart kids, June 17, 2019, Alex Perekalin
The "feature" you require would be a wonderful enhancement to KSK & or KISA Parental Control, you can log a "suggestion" via your MyKaspersky account - https://my.kaspersky.com/, the Lab needs to know what real world parents require to keep their kids safe. They get to know by listening to feedback from real world parents.
And, depending on the browser used and the device type, both Google & Firefox offer a "Content Filter", I've yet to test these, I will, I'll post any relevant info.
Thanks for posting your important question!

Best regards!
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Hello Mantico,'
The KPC - Keyword Control - feature, ONLY logs the "excluded" words in a report - it does not send alerts, nor does it block.
As per previously advised, KSK - has NO Keyword Control features at all, no reporting, no filtering, no blocking, no alerting.
KSK on on Android devices, will monitor access to the Internet in Google Chrome and the standard browser. No Keyword Control available.
Kaspersky Safe Kids cannot block Safari on your child’s iOS devices
& if kids used FIREFOX browser & or other browsers, KSK won't work.
& on Windows, there are different limitations: https://help.kaspersky.com/KSK/Win1.5/en-US/176813.htm
The Google & Firefox "Content Filter", I refererred to earlier, works.

Best regards.
Flood, how do I send a suggestion for this? I agree with Mantico and would love to have this feature. Do I send it through "support", which is basically contacting the tech support?
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Hello anakasik,

You can log a "suggestion" via your MyKaspersky account - https://my.kaspersky.com/,
  • sign in & go to: https://my.kaspersky.com/techsupport#/requests/new
  • select from tabs and drop down lists:
  • (platform) Windows, Mac, Android, iOS (Apple iPhone & iPad),
  • (application) Kaspersky Safe Kids (for whichever system previously selected
  • (application) version
  • (operating system) version
  • (request type) feedback
  • (request subtyoe) I have a suggestion / I have a complaint
  • (problem description) fill in free text field, including uploading logs & any images if they help "explain".
  • (click) send
And automated email will be received with an INCx number, e.g. INC123456789011, a followup contact will ordinarily be made by the Technical Spport Team within 48 hrs duing business hrs/days.

Support can also be contacted via phone & onlinechat if it's available in you region.

Consumer Support Contacts - select the region you live - select whichever support option suits your needs.