How can i change an application category?

  • 16 February 2021
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My son just installed the Game Jurassic World Evolution and it is recognized in Kaspersky Safe Kids as “Unknown” Category.

So how can i change the Category of an Application so the limitation on time works as expected?


Yeah, of course i can set a limit to that application, i know that.

But 2h on one game and 2 additional hours on an other game thats in the correct category is not the same as 2h per day gaming.

3 replies

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Hello @FreakErn

You’re most welcome:relaxed:

Thank you for responding.:ok_hand_tone3:  

Agreed, Categories, managed by time based rules is logical, however, atm, KSK/Categories is not designed this way. 

We hope it will be changed in the not too distant future. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Oh… i see… Categories cannot be time limited… From my perspective this makes absolutely no sense.


I’m sorry to say, but then i need a different System to manage time limits for my kids. I need to Cluster Games, Social media, Movies and time limit each of them. Maybe Movies and Games are some kind of “Multimedia”.

Thank you very much for your response!

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Hello @FreakErn


  1. Apps incorrectly assigned to the wrong Category cannot be changed by users, the issue needs to be reported to Kaspersky Technical Support
  2. Categories cannot be time limited. 
  3. The Category assists by applying age appropriate rules to apps; apps incorrectly assigned to Category Unknown = 0+ are excluded from these rules. 
  4. An app in Category Unknown can still be time limited, the same as an app that’s in a correctly defined Category. 






Thank you:pray_tone3:


@Igor Kurzin

Please note, @FreakErn reporting Jurassic World Evolution defined in Category Unknown.  
ESRB rating is 13+