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  • 15 December 2021
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This community framework has been very helpful and informative….. Great job...

As mentioned in my previous posts, I am a newbie and please let me know if this should go to customer/tech support or some other forum/community and I shall be glad to jump over to that place…

We are using KIS in Windows 7 and Windows 10 laptops and “Safe Kids” Free version in two Android phones…. all connected to one KIS Online account.

  1. Based on what we have observed in the account so far, the “Summary” tab in the “Kids” group shows some entries in “Frequently visited websites” and some keywords in the “Search Queries”.
  2. Is this updated “Real-time” or is there a lag in updating these entries?
  3. Is there any difference between “Free” and “Premium” versions in showing entries in the “Summary” tab?
  4. We understand that the “Premium version” will give more detailed reports about the “Sites visited”. But is there any limitation in the free version on the number of entries shown in the “Summary” page?
  5. We have been using “Browser extensions” like “Youtube Watchmarker”, “Block Tube”, “Block Site”, “Leech Block” to implement some monitoring, but they are prone to be deleted/disabled easily. Also, the “History” reporting extensions rely on the “Browser’s history” data. If the user deletes the “History”, then there is no way to review the history details. We believe “KSK” keeps track of its own version of history in a separate repository for a significant amount of time (Days/Months). Is that a safe assumption?
  6. Glad to see most of these features packed into KSK module. Right now, the URLs that one would like to “Blacklist” or “Whitelist” are entered manually and one-by-one….. Is there any way to provide a text file that contains “URLs” and add them to KSK?
  7. I tried to add a URL to one child and it said “The URL is already added to the list”….. Actually that URL was already added to another child’s profile in the KIS online portal. Is the URL list maintained for each child separately or will adding a URL to one child’s profile be applied for all the children?
  8. We haven’t opted to try the “Premium Trial” so far…. However, is there an option in the “Premium” edition where a parent is allowed to review the URLs visited and click on a button to “Allow/Block” that URL?
  9. I understand that the “Premium” version has a big number for the “Kids” that can be linked to a “Parent Account”. Is there a limit on the number of “Free” “Safe Kids” that can be linked to a KIS license?
  10. If the premium version is capable to handling many of the needs, we would be in favor or purchasing a license. As our KIS is a 3-year license, is there a package to buy a 3 year “KSK” license too?

Apologies for the long post…. and thanks in advance for your time and help.

Have a good one...

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Hello @KIS_Victor

Welcome back! 

  1. Whenever you submit a topic it really helps if the device(s) OS version & build information & Kaspersky software version & patch information -image 1 below → yellow highlight - is provided. Because you have so many devices you may wish to create a text file & attach it to any post you create. Why do we need this? (1) so we don’t have to go hunting thru each old topic to find the relevant info, (2), we don’t know from one topic to the next if a device has been changed or software has been updated. Also, screen prints help us a lot, we see what you see, it’s a very quick way to drill down on problems. 
  2. The topic is correctly defined. 
  3. Real time. If you notice any delays (in the Windows devices), you may need to use the KSK Manual settings sync function - see image 1 below. For Android devices, check mobile data network, reboot devices if necessary. 
  4. It depends which element of the Summary tab you’re referring too? 
  5. 4 & 5 appear to be the same question, can you please clarify? 
  6. Yes. 30 days. System managed. 
  7. No. 
  8. Each profile is managed separately - if the children’s profiles have been configured correctly. 
  9. Yes, (& from memory) you should also be able to do that in KSK Free, click on the URL, configure the rule you wish to apply - test it & let us know? → see image 2 below
  10. The Premium version allows using the application full functionality for one My Kaspersky account only. One My Kaspersky account can be connected to 100 children profiles and 500 devices. We’re not actually sure how many children/devices are allowed for KSK Free, we contacted Kaspersky Technical Support, they don’t know either, they’ve sent an enquiry to head office; as soon as we have feedback we’ll update this topic.
  11. No, all stand-alone KSK licenses are for 1 year. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:






Compare free and premium versions of the application

KIS Version         (g)
KSK    Version   
Windows Device-1     Windows 10 Home (64-Bit) - 20H2 - 19042 (Parent and Child)
Windows Device-2     Windows 7 Pro (64-Bit)  (Parent and Child)
Mobile  Device-1        Redmi-Y3 Android 10  (KSK Child)
Mobile  Device-2        OPPO-A83 Android 7.1.1 (KSK Child)

Thanks a lot for the detailed response for each an every item, within a short period of time. Your time and efforts are much appreciated…..
My apologies for not providing device config details earlier…. Is there a way to make this a part of my profile in the account settings? If so, I would save it there….
Do let me know if any additional details will be helpful for you/other users to help me better.
As for the individual items, I had to spend some time and go through your detailed steps to find some of the information, hence the delay. Thanks again for the clear instructions.

To make is easier for tracking, I am thinking of addressing them one or two at a time….

Item-1. The summary I am referring is the one displayed in the online portal “My Kaspersky”.
To summarize, the browser history in the “Child Device (Laptop)” shows more entries in its local version. However, when I login from another laptop into “My Kaspersky” this “Summary” shows ONLY 3 websites visited by one user. I am not sure if I have not enabled some setting to show more entries here or if this is a feature of the “Free version” or if there is some other page/tab where I can view all the pages/sites visited by a user. Please refer attachments related to “My Kaspersky” views….

Top View of “Summary” for a child
Bottom View of the “Summary” for a child

When I reviewed your response for Item-8, I realized that I had missed this feature altogether. Thanks for pointing this out. I found this under the “Notification/Bell” icon and found messages that give a clear picture of what the user was attempting to do. Also, we are able to specify further action “Allowed/Forbidden”.
But, I am afraid, this notification area is showing messages that pertain to violations, I believe. Can we configure it to show all site visits?

“Notifications” feature and actions

To avoid confusion, I think it would be easier to move to other items after closing this topic.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Have a good one.

For Item-7 in my original list, my apologies, I must have overlooked the error message. I tried it again and I was able to add URLs separately and without any errors….

Actually, in certain cases, it would be helpful to apply certain URL rules to all “Kids” in this “Main Account” without having to go through each and every profile separately. Is that possible?


For Item-8. It can be considered “Closed” as you have explained the “Notification/Bell” option in the “Dashboard/Portal”.


For Item-9. It is almost closed as the counts 100 and 500 are good enough for a decent group. If you receive any response from the team about the “Free” version your feedback will be highly appreciated.


For Item-10. Thanks for the response. Please treat that as closed. We will make a decision as soon as we review the remaining items.

As an addition to Items 1 to 6, I spent some more time on the https://support.kaspersky.com/KSK/Win1.5/en-US/136532.htm page and collected the following items (attachment/image).

Options not available in “FREE” edition

The 2-nd item is of interest. Based on my review of the “FREE” edition for the past 2 days, my understanding is that the “FREE” version shows ONLY “3 of the Frequently visited websites”.

Maybe, the “PREMIUM” version will allow us to “View reports on all websites visited by your child”.

Your views will be appreciated.

Thanks and have a good one.

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Hello @KIS_Victor

Thank you for posting back & the information. 

  1. Device OS info & KSK version & patch info may added to a text file & attached with each topic, select the paperclip:paperclip: icon, as we suggested earlier, the following format is all that's required: W7 Pro & W10 20H2 - 19042, KIS, KSK;  Redmi-Y3 Android 10, KSK *v ?*, OPPO-A83, Android 7.1.1, KSK *v ?* → to retrieve the *missing version* →  refer imageat the end of our reply
  2. As you raise a topic, in *each actual topic* you'll need to clearly specify if the issue is specific to child or parent or both. 
  3. One My Kaspersky account can be connected to 100 children profiles and 500 devices, applies to both Premium & Free KSK, it's defined in (your) MyKaspersky account:  https://my.kaspersky.com/MyKids#/terms-of-usage → refer image 2 at the end of our reply & confirmed by Kaspersky expert. 
  4. Regarding Summary & Reports, for the full Report, KSK Premium is required. If you go into the actual Reports, there’s a Lock icon, the Lock represents Premium. (ioo) the icon is a bit "hidden" →  refer image 3 at the end of our reply. 
  5. Regarding Notifications, no, the Free version has limitations, all “greyed” out notifications are only available in the Premium version; also, for Notifications, Kaspersky is using a Crown icon to define Premium →  refer image 4 at the end of our reply. 
  6. Regarding "apply certain URL rules to all kids in the MyKaspersky account?” No; all children’s profiles are configured separately.  
  7. We recommend ( you) enable 2FA to protect (your) MyKaspersky account, however, as there's only two Androids, if you use those devices to receive the sms notifications & those devices are used by the children, you need to be aware the 2FA notifications will be received by (your) children || To see how to access 2FA, refer image 5 below & refer to: How to set up two-step verification







Thank you:pray_tone3:


Thanks for the updates....

  1. Updated and added a text file using the "Clip".
  2. Sure. Will do that going forward.… For this response… All these queries are pertaining to settings or features that I/we are trying to configure from a laptop as a Parent.
  3. Sounds great.... That is a decent number, given the fact that all these "Children" are limited to "One Parent" license/account…
  4. To make life easier, I have started the "Trial Period" (8 days) and am happy to see more detailed reports in the tabs/categories and other features as well. It is great to have a centralized view of all connected clients….
  5. Notifications are still puzzling at times..... there is some delay in reports getting broadcast to the "Listening" parent browser..... If I go to other tabs and then come back to the internet "Reports" tab, it shows the latest reports.... Maybe the Push/Pull cycle is not happening at short intervals…
  6. For the first time, this is a bit tedious as it would mean manually entering 15 or 20 URLs to each "Profile". 

    This is also why I was searching for an option to import/export of these lists.... just like the  “My Kaspersky" website allowing exporting "Summary" to a CSV file.
    We could export common URLs/entries from one child and import into the other child. Unfortunately, it is not available now...

    6.1.   I am using a Free utility extension for FireFox browser called "BlockTube". Please ref attachments 1 and 2. I am sure it wouldn't be a big deal for KSK tech team to implement these as they already have the permission(s) to inspect all the data moving to/from the devices.... I am checking with my friends who are using other tools at home.…
    6.2. Does the "Full" premium version allow the user to "Allow/Block" YouTube Channels and/or Keywords"?
    6.3. Refer attachment 3. Would appreciate your views/response. From my trials, it blocked the domain “YouTube” and it was not pretty:disappointed_relieved:  with the “Customers”….:disappointed:
  7.    Thanks for the inputs on this feature. I am sure it will come handy....

Thanks again and have a good one..


Ignore this please… Already added to the previous message...

Please read this message [6.4.] as a part of the last detailed reply from my side…

6.4. This attachment is a context menu provided by the Free browser extension “BlockTube” that allows the user to “Block Video” or “Block Channel”…..

Would be nice to have this feature instead of blocking the entire YouTube domain… .unless I am using KSK in a different manner…. Let me know if this is already implemented in KSK…

Thanks and have a good one…

Blocking a particular video or channel instead of a Domain….


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Hello @KIS_Victor

You’re welcome!

Working backwards. 

  1. Image # 4. Block video, block channel, not available in current version of KSK. 
  2. Image # 3.1. KSK shows video title - correct, the URL KSK has recorded  is https://www.youtube.com/?gl=AU&tab=r1, not https: // youtu.be/TCx1yMegJ4A (edited so we don’t embed that ridiculous video). Kaspersky are aware of the issue, it’s never been fixed. 
  3. Image # 3.2. KSK shows www.youtube.com, not video URL - correct. 
  4. Image # 3.3. KSK Category - Software, Audio, Video, (you) have configured as Warning.
  5. Image # 3. www.youtube.com will be blocked, individual YouTube URLs cannot be blocked. Why not test it, you’re trialling the Premium version



  6. Image # 2. Export/Import → not available in current version of KSK, however, there’s Manage the application from the command prompt: Exports Kaspersky Safe Kids settings to a TXT file/    
    Imports settings from a TXT file to Kaspersky Safe Kids.
  7. Image # 1. BlockTube: Video title || Channel name || Video ID || Channel ID || Comment content → not available in current version of KSK. 
  8. In the KSK Summary Report page, export the Summary Report, you’ll see the raw data KSK captures. 
  9. IF BlockTube is working (for you) keep using it, there’s no conflicts with KSK. 
  10. Windows also has Family Options, there’s nothing to stop you combining different software solutions to get the best possible outcome. 
  11. In any topic, if you’re adding images with video names/URLs or other information (stuff written on the images) that we need to “repeat back” please also, either add it to your topic as part of the detailed description or add to a text file so we can copy & paste {are we lazy, maybe, also have others to help & only 24hrs in every day}. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


My sincere apologies for the long delay in replying to your detailed, extremely useful reply. Too many disruptions with the Christmas preparation with kids, family emergencies and a School PTA after 2 years.... There was also a notification from KSK that one of the devices has been offline for more than 3 days.... leading to "Trace Enabling", "AIDA64".... Uninstalling and installing...

Moving on to our list...
     1, 2 and 3. can be set aside as known issues (or missing features).

     4. That is interesting. Is there a way to create categories of our own and provide URLs that are allowed under that category? There are certain school videos that are uploaded in Youtube in a separate channel that they have to be able to watch..... this is sort of a catch-22 situation....

    5. My apologies for any confusion. I had mentioned in my previous post that the action blocked the entire domain and the "customers (kids)" were not happy.... So, your are absolutely correct....it is blocking in the Youtube domain....

    6. Thanks for pointing out this feature.... I will try this option......

    7. Let us set aside as known issue (or missing feature).

    8. That is an interesting file to review..... in csv and has all the settings under various categories..... Glad it is not a "binary" file... Thanks for throwing light on this topic...

    9. I was hoping that I would be able to get rid of all those "Bits and Pieces" patchwork if I moved to a "Paid Service" like KIS/KSK combo.... Furthermore, the browser extensions are always risky when it comes to being uninstalled/removed by users.... But will try to utilize it for now...

   10. Again, idea was to bring all those juggling into one tool..... Based on your experience, does Windows Parental control require a "Microsoft/Hotmail/MSN Account" for the kids or would a regular Windows User account suffice? Also, what features of Windows parental control are useful when compared to KSK?

   11. Apologies for the trouble..... Newbie errors... Will try to remember this part in future posts...


I really wish I had some positive answers to these questions from KSK in terms of features that we were looking for.... because, I found it extremely difficult to explain the limitations to several parents during the PTA (3000 students in the school) and they were reluctant to keep a tab on multiple software and browser extensions after paying for a software that gives an impression that it helps parents and kids to stay worry-free.... I understand that there is not much we could do... but such opportunities are platforms for free advertisement for the tool. Hope some of the features will become reality in the near future...

Thanks again for your invaluable time, inputs, help and sharing....
Happy Holidays...

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4. Is there a way to create categories of our own and provide URLs that are allowed under that category? 

10. Does Windows Parental control require a "Microsoft/Hotmail/MSN Account" for the kids or would a regular Windows User account suffice? 
10a. Also, what features of Windows parental control are useful when compared to KSK?

Hello @KIS_Victor

You’re most welcome!

  1. No. 
  1. & 10a Depends on requirements, you need to experiment, generic advice does not apply. 
  • We only provide KSK advice. For Windows / Parental control information, please consult their documentation, their Community & if necessary, their Technical support. 
  • FYI: it’s only necessary to post device information (text file), once per topic, as long as there’s been no changes. 

Thank you & happy holidays to you & your family too!


Apologies for the delay, once again…

Thanks a lot for your review and feedback. Appreciate it much.

I’ll check with the Windows folks on the Parental Control features…

For now, I am a proud customer of KSK Premium Edition……


Thanks again for your time and support… have a great year ahead….

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Hello @KIS_Victor

You’re most welcome!

We’re delighted to read you’re “taken the plunge🤿” and invested in the KSK Premium.

All the very best to you & your family for 2022.