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  • 8 November 2019
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I need group limit on android device. Example : Youtube+Ticktock+Instagram total limit 4 hours. How can i do it?

3 replies

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Hello   @savasg,


Please tell us:

Age of child?

KSK version?

Is KSK licensed or free?

Please let me know?

Thank you

KSK latest versiyon on android device. Always updated. Child 12 years old.  KSK is licensed. We have been using for 2 years . 

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Hello @savasg,

Thank you for replying.

Android version, choose Settings, scroll to the bottom of the screen, select About Device

KSK version, open (Parent) KSK, select 3 vertical dots, select About

I’ve been thinking about the issue you’ve posted, (imo) it’s not possible to allocate applications to a “group” and then configure a time restriction to the grouped applications, however, I would recommend logging a request with Kasperky Technical Support as they may have a solution.

To log a request with Kaspersky Kab, in your MyKaspersky online account:

  1. Choose Create request, fill out the template as per my image (note, I’ve chosen Android 7.1 as I don’t know your Android version)

  3. In Problem description, fill in as much information as possible.
  4. Complete the eCaptcha, select Send.
  5. You’ll receive an automated email with an INC# number, and then, within 5 business days, a followup email from a member of the Kaspersky Lab Technical Support Team. 
  6. You can continue to manage the INC via the MyKaspersky acount or by email.


Please keep us updated?

Thank you