Google Drive File Stream Crash

  • 29 November 2019
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Hello, I have had some massive problems with my computer for some time and through several tests I've been able to restrict this to Kaspersky + Google Drive File Stream. Current condition: My computer starts up and all three programs are in autistartup (Kaspersy Internet Security + Kaspersky Safe Kids + Google Drive File Stream). I can use the Mac normally and both Kaspersky and Google Drive are fine. After an indefinite period of time - sometimes after 30 minutes, otherwise only after several hours - Google Drive is crashing and hanging. When I move my mouse over the icon in the top menu bar, I only see the typical Mac wheel and can not quit Drive. Unfortunately, it does not stay there but this problem effects all other programs. I can no longer quit programs via the normal way (only Force quit) and when trying to restart the Mac or turn it off, it hangs itself up and I have to restart it by holding the on / off button for a long time. - This problem does not occur if I do not have Google Drive File Stream running - This problem has only occurred since I have Kaspersky Internet Security + Kaspersky Safe Kids - As far as I remember, the problem has occurred both on macOS 10.14 and after the update to 10.15 - I could not test if the problem occurs even if I activate Google Drive, but quit Kaspersky Internet Security but since it did not happen before i had Internet security I strongly assume that. I use a Macbook 13 "Retina 2013 with macOS 10.15.1 I would be very happy about help. Best regards, Till

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Hello  @MrTuffGong,


(imo), if you think Google Drive File Stream may be contributing, (I would) remove, it’s not a core app, does not require foundation resouces, recheck the issues. If, by removing GDFS, the issues are resolved, then, you’ll have eliminated the root cause. Alternatively, change GDFS autostartup and recheck. 

I’d then do the same with KSK, again, recheck, if, without KSK, the issue(s) are resolved, you’ve narrowed down or found the root cause. 

My 3rd stage would be to verify KIS in your Mac environment. 

However, I do think it would be best to request Kaspersky Technical Support to assist. The team will require KIS, KL & Mac logs, Mac System Report , they will guide you with collecting KSK logs & Traces as the issue(s) are replicated. 

When sending a request to Technical Support, specify the following information:

  • Message subject
  • Application name and version number
  • Operating system name and version number
  • Full problem description, including history & actions taken to resolve. 
  • Logs & data as above. 
  • Images if they clearly show the issue(s).

Before logging the request please ensure KIS & KSK compatibility requirements are met?

As you don’t mention the software versions, I’ve provided links for the most current versions.

Please let us know the outcome?

Thank you.