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  • 15 February 2021
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So I have spent hours setting up Safe Kids by installing on my device and kids devices only to find after trying to get support online, email and now a phone conversation that in fact not all the promised premium settings work on an ios device.  I am a very disappointed and will be a non returning customer.  Your list of promised functions do not work and I have spent hours trying to set up and learn this software.  I am disgusted at the lack of information provided at the outset of purchasing this product.

4 replies

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Hello @lauren123garden,


We’re sorry to hear you’ve had an unpleasant experience:disappointed_relieved: 

All KSK advertising shows “*Full functionality is available for PCs, Mac computers and Android phones & tablets. Owing to restrictions with the operating system for iOS devices, it’s not possible to block children’s iPhones & iPads; web control is only available via browsing through the Kaspersky Safe Kids app, and for app management, it's only possible to apply age-appropriate limitations.

& the KSK iOS documentation shows advisories like:

iOS devices cannot be blocked due to operating system limitations

Application use cannot be restricted on your child's iOS devices.

Device use monitoring is applicable for Android child devices only. Child iOS devices cannot be fine-tuned this way

On iOS devices, your child can only ask for permission to visit blocked websites

& the KSK How to monitor your kids' device & app use with Kaspersky Safe Kids video shows Functionality not available for iOS devices, thru out the video:


& the MyKaspersky KSK interface shows: 


  • We always recommend installing KSK Premium Trial & fully testing before investing. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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I went through support before purchasing to ask if they had this feature and they did not mention it was not available for ipads and iphones.  This is the page I viewed at the time of purchasing https://www.kaspersky.com.au/safe-kids and now I see there is a tiny * but I was told in support that this feature was available.   I believe it could be made clearer that this is a problem with your system and that it would not meet my needs.  I am so disappointed.  I really need to be able to set a time restriction in REAL-TIME on apps, NOT just a timelimit for the whole day.  I really do not know where to go now to find a solution to this issue I need to resolve.


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Hello @lauren123garden

Thank you for posting back:ok_hand_tone3:

  • It’s very unfortunate, if you’ve been been misinformed by Kaspersky Support, we’re very sorry to hear that. 
  • We agree with you, KSK/iOS is not a solution we think is adequate. 
  • We’re not allowed to discuss alternatives in this Community, but they are out there. 
  • We have nothing to do with Kaspersky, everyone who posts in the Community is a volunteer, unless they have Kaspersky employee beside their name. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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