Email confirmation not arriving

  • 11 November 2019
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So its been 24 hours and I cant get the email confirmation to come through upon signing up for the 7 day trial of Safe Kids.

Oddly enough, the email to confirm for this forum came through fine.

The catch is, I cant use tech support or anything to find out why this is happening, because it requires the email confirmation :joy:


Not sure what options I have at this point?  Im an IT professional so yes I have went through the normal steps of checking junk, spam, whitelisting, etc.  Im 99% sure its just not being sent.

1 reply

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Hello  @JClark5000,


The MyKaspersky account & the Community account, use the same profile (email address) & password.

If you’re in a County/Region with LiveChat or Phone Support, use Support, select your Country, (see my images)




  • Choose (your) operating system, if not Windows. 
  • Ignore Activation Code field if you don’t have AC available. 


If the above does not help, please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3: