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  • 14 November 2019
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Child ask for extra time not appear on app (anddroi) only on website.

Any solution?

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Hello @Raz,


Please tell me:

  1. (Child’s) android, operating system & version
  2. (On child’s device) KSK version ?
  3. (Your) device name, operating system & version ?
  4. Is KSK licensed or free version? 
  5. What KSK Notification settings are configured ? (image 1)
  6. Is KSK Time Limit or Statistics set ? (image 2)
  7. Do you use your MyKaspersky account to manage KSK?
  8. Has “Request for more timealert to child, ever worked?
  9. (Android) what Push & Notification settings are enabled?
  • image 1


  • image 2


Please let me know?

Thank you

I have the same problem. Requests appear as a notification on ios and android app, but when clicking on the notification, the app shows no child requests. The only way to respond to the request is to go to My Kaspersky online and wait for the page to load (which takes long). Then the requests shows, and I can choose to allow or deny.


Another problem is that requests can only be made from windows pc’s (after time has run up), and not from android devices. The button or option is simply not there on android. It just says ‘time has run up’.

  1. (Child’s) android, operating system & versionSony Xperia T (LT30p), LineageOS 15.1-20191017-nightly-MINT (android 8.1.0)
  2. (On child’s device) KSK version ?
  3. (Your) device name, operating system & version ? Iphone SE ios 13.2
  4. Is KSK licensed or free version? licensed till 15/2/’20
  5. What KSK Notification settings are configured ? (image 1) all
  6. Is KSK Time Limit or Statistics set ? (image 2) Time limit
  7. Do you use your MyKaspersky account to manage KSK? I do because otherwise I cannot answer requests, but prefer using the app to manage KSK
  8. Has “Request for more time” alert to child, ever worked? It works, but not without the workaround by opening MyKaspersky online
  9. (Android) what Push & Notification settings are enabled? push to mobile app parents, all notifications enabled
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Hello @katrien,


Thank you for providing comprehensive information:clap_tone3:

I’m collating information & images for you, in the interim, please let me know:

  • Child’s age?

:o: Also, please update the KSK software (on all devices) , v1.27.0.1591, is not the current Android version:o:

Note: updating the versions is not an answer to the issues you’ve highlighted, however, it’s necessary for all installed KSK apps to be uptodate. 

Thank you. 

Thank you Flood, I have updated the apps.
The child who is using the Xperia T is 13 years. His sister is 11 years and has the same problem on a 2015 Motorola Moto E running Viper-surnia-20190529-v6.4-OFFICIAL, based on LineageOS  ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie, ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

I know these are old devices, but both are running smooth on LineageOS Android roms...

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Hello  @katrien,

You’re very welcome!

Thank you for posting back, adding information and updating KSK:clap_tone3:

Don’t worry about “old”, as long as the opsys(s) are compatible, & the firmware is uptodate, the age of the device is not an issue and not the RC of the problem’s you’re reporting. 

I’ve created a series of images and a video to work thru this with you. 

I’ll start with Windows PC, (KSK) Child, as we know this works as you expect:

Time limit, limit daily use or create a detailed schedule, device use will be limited. Automatically warn child when the limit is reached or block the device.

  • (1)  As the Time Limit approaches, child receives “Warning” notification and may “request more time


  •  Parent receives an email


  • a history Notification in MyKaspersky.com Notification Centre



  • MyKaspersky.com Notification - actionable by Parent






I’m saving this now, will add Android information later this evening, keep having to “negotiate” time to access the kids devices :(


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Hello  @katrien,

I’ll never get a job as a :projector: Maker:weary:

The video shows how both “Warning” &  “Blocked” work in an Android environment, when Time Limit has expired. 

Android KSK Device Time - expired, warning, block

  • Child: KSK Time Limit expired Warning: Flash screen: “Time for a break”, “I want more”, child selects  “I want more”, immediate continued access is granted, Parent intervention is not required and an “option” for the Parent to consent or refuse  “more time” is not offered. 
  •  Parent: receives a push notification to their mobile device, an alert in the KSK app installed on Parent mobile and email advising “YOUR CHILD EXCEEDED THE DAILY LIMIT FOR DEVICE USE”,  a non-actionable notification in MyKaspersky account and the activity is recorded in KSK Reports.  
  • Email 


  • Parent Android - KSK app. 

Parent Android - Push notification

  • MyKaspersky non-actionable Notification


  • Child: KSK Time Limit expired Block: Flash screen: “Time for a break”, “Close”, Child selects  “​​​​​​​Close”, no further device/application access is granted, except for applications that Parent has added to “exsclusions.
  • Parent receives a push notification to their mobile device, an alert in the KSK app installed on Parent mobile and an email advising “YOUR CHILD'S DEVICE WAS BLOCKED”, a non-actionable notification in MyKaspersky account and the activity is recorded in KSK Reports.   
  • Email
  • Parent Android - KSK app. 


  • Push notification
  • MyKaspersky “Blocked” Notification


After you’ve had time to review the above, please post images of the KSK time features that are not working (for you)?

Thank you.



I am also having the same problem. My child is using an android device. His extra time request appears as a notification on ios app, but when clicking on the notification, the app shows no child requests



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Hello @chimpoo,

Welcome and thank you for posting:pray_tone3:

The “problem” is not you, your device, your child, your child’s device, the  problem is how Kaspersky have “designed” KSK to function in an Android environment:
(On a Windows device, Child “time request” must be answered, consented to by Parent), however, in the Android environment, KSK Child “Time for a break” notification is NOT dependant on any action from a Parent, the Child simply presses the notification, KSK then allows the child full unlimited time access to the device:rage:

The Parent will receive: “your child used device over limit” email, a (non-actionable) push notification to the parent mobile, a (non-actionable) notification in the MyKaspersky account and a (non-actionable) notifcation in the parent KSK application. 

It beggars belief that KSK is (allegedly) designed to assist Parents effectively help their children with modern technology, implement a perfectly useful solution in one operating environment, yet implement a useless solution, for the same KSK “feature”,  in another operating environment. 

I’ve had numerous, unsatisfactory “discussions” with Kaspersky, regarding this poorly designed implementation of KSK for (Child) Android. 

Atm, Kaspersky’s “solution”, is, for Child Android devices,  use the “Block” configuration, if that’s an actual “solution” why bother having “Warn” (same irrespective of operating system), at all!

Thank you. 

Hi Flood


Thanks for your reply. In my case , the android device gets locked so the child is not able to use it anymore. Thankfully it does not allow the child unlimited access even after time has expired.



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Hello  @chimpoo,

You’re very welcome!

Thank you for replying.

If the (Child) Android is blocked, KSK device Use Time, “Block”  is configured. 

Android, KSK “Block”, does work as it should, “Warn” doesn’t. 

When “Block” is configured, a parent receives:  “your childs device was blocked” email, a (non-actionable) push notification to the parent mobile, a (non-actionable) notification in the MyKaspersky account and a (non-actionable) notifcation in the parent KSK application. 

Thank you. 

Same problem here, I’ve got an open support ticket with Kaspersky for this.
(They request extra time, I don’t see it on my Android phone, only if I use a browser and log in to the site)

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Hello  @alexbergsland,


Can you clarify for me please, child is using Android device, device use time is set, for example: 3 hrs, time expires, what does the child see? How does child request more time? What do you see?

Please let me know?

Thank you

Right, I didn’t mean to hijack this thread.

My kids request time on a Windows computer, time limits are set like two or three hours per day a couple of days in the week.

They rarely request time on Android.

I am using Arch/Windows and I get their requests in the browser only, when I am logged in to the Safe Kids console.
I have the Safe Kids app on my Android phone and I never get any time requests there, only reports on time limits reached (which show as notifications).

I have sent AIDA64 reports and Safe Kids logs (from the Safe Kids special version as advised by the support).

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Hello  @alexbergsland,

Thank you for replying and adding information. 

Don’t worry about hijacking”, you haven’t, your post is valuable and appropriate for this thread. 

  • If Parent has configured KSK (Child/Android) Device Use (time expired) to “Warn”:

(Child) Android/KSK, when the time expires, a KSK flash screen will show, with  “Time for a break” & “I want more”, child simply presses “I want more”, immediate, unlimited time access is provided (by KSK), to the child.

Parent “intervention”, i.e. “grant more time”, is not required, even if (a) parent wishes to be the “decision” maker. 

If Parent has configured MyKaspersky account, Notifications, for all options, on an Android device with KSK Parent account, the Parent will receive:

  1. a non-actionable Push Notification.
  2. a non-actionable MyKaspersky notification.
  3. a non-actionable KSK alert. 
  4. an email
  5. child’s activity logged in KSK Report. 

In essence, for (Child) Android/KSK, there are no time “requests”, as there are in Windows/KSK. 


IF Parent has set Android KSK Device Use (time) to “Block”, when time expires, child will see: “Time for a break”, “Close

Android will be blocked, except for phone, sms & applications Parent has added exclusions for.

  • Kaspersky has developed KSK for Android and KSK for Windows with the same “features”, functioning in a completely different way, with completely different outcome. 

Regarding Windows:

I apologise in advance, however, I really do not know what Arch/Windows is, but, as long as the Windows operating system meets KSK system compatibility requirements, I don’t think it will have any bearing on the issue you’re reporting. 

  • May I ask how you’ve configured your MyKaspersky KSK Notifications please?

Please let me know?

Thank you. 

By Arch/Windows I meant Arch Linux and Windows 10, I dual boot them on the same machine. As I use the console from the browser that should not matter.


The time requests are sent from my kids computer with Windows 10. That is where they are sometimes asking for more time.

I want to receive them on my Android phone as I am always close to it, but not always close to my computer and certainly not always logged in to the Kaspersky site.

All notifications are allowed for Safe Kids on my Android phone.

As I wrote earlier I do get reports on the phone, those are showed as notifications (like “Child A has tried to access a forbidden site” or “Child’s device was blocket: time limit was reached”.

But I do not get requests for more time (which they are asking for on the Windows machine).

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Hello @alexbergsland,

Thank you for posting back & clarifying.

I do ask repeat questions, sometimes, for clarity, it’s necessary.

Give me an hour, I’ll retest Child/Windows/Time scenarios and the (received) Parent/Android notifications.

Back soon.

Thank you

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Hello  @alexbergsland,

After testing Child/Windows, KSK Device use & Black Listed app, the alerts/notifications received are: to Parent/Android, push notifications, KSK actionable alerts, MyKaspersky KSK, actionable notification, and emails..

In the process of testing & replicating, somehow, I’ve managed to activate Google Now or some other rubbish, even tho it’s not an installed app, it’s blocking normal capture of screen images, & the backup method of grabbing screen images is not working either, after 4 hrs of stuffing around:rage: , I need  a break. 

Unfortunately, I’ve not really helped you:disappointed:

I would be very interested hear the feedback & resolution you receive from Kaspersky Technical Support, when it's available please?

Thank you


The response so far:

"Dear customer,

Thank you for your time.

We have received a response from our experts.

We've received a reply from our experts. A bug issue was created. Unfortunately we do not have any resolution-related information yet. We will contact you once we receive any updates on the issue and place your case into a pending status for now."

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

To reply to this request, you can simply reply to this e-mail leaving the subject line unchanged.

Best regards,
Kaspersky Lab Technical Support" 

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Hello  @alexbergsland,

Thank you for posting back and sharing the information.

I hope they find the root cause, please let us know if they do (or don’t)?

Thank you.

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