Child Bypassing Safe Kids

  • 13 November 2019
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My subscription is about to end.  I am wondering if the program is worth it because my son continually manages to turn off KSK on his phone (Android 8.1)and install apps that are blocked.  He claims KSK turns off on its’ own.  On his PC running window 10 I set a time limit and as soon as he logs in the he can run straight for 24 hours.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled KSK on both devices and updated the app and it still doesn’t work.  He does not have the password.

3 replies

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Hello @tomballian,

Thank you for the report.

Please provide the following:

  1. For Android, open phone :gear: Settings, scroll to the bottom of the screen, select “About” or “About phone”)
  2. Window 10 operating system version & build? (Type    winver  in Windows Search:mag: field)
  3. For Windows, I don’t understand the remark “ KSK not working and disconnected.”, is KSK uninstalled on the Windows device? If not, select KSK shortcut on your desktop, or go to Windows Start Menu, select All programs, find KSK, start KSK, on the Windows Taskbar, rightclick KSK icon, select “About”? 
  4. May I have an image of the Application categories please? 
  5. May I know the age of your child please? 
  6. Have you enabled “Age restrictions based on public age-appropriate ratings”?
  7. Re “All of the App Categories had switched to Allowed”, does that mean “previously”, all Appplication Categories were not “Allowed”, and now all Application Categories are now “Allowed”?
  8. Of these KSK categories: Where is my childInternetDevice useApplicationsSocial networks, Profile - which categories have been configured? 

Please post back or, you may prefer to raise a case with Kaspersky Technical Support

Thank you

  1. OS for windows 10 cannot get right now.  I got fed up with KSK not working and disconnected. 
  2. For the Android could not locate the version number but it is dated 31 October 2019
  3. I’m getting ready to PM you the data requested.
  4. All of the App Categories had switched to Allowed. 
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Hello @tomballian,


May I know:

  1. Window 10 operating system version & build? (Type    winver  in Windows Search:mag: field)
  2. KSK version on both Android & W10? 
  3. From (your) MyKaspersky KSK, please download the KSK 30day Summary Report, as .csv, upload to cloud & PM the link please? 



  4. May I have an image of KSK Application Categories settings please?

Please post back?

Thank you.