Changed password on PC and when accessing the phone app I can no longer login

After more than 6 months using Kaspersky safe kids I was prompted to change the password on the website. I did change the password and now I can no longer login into the Android App on my phone.

When I use my fingerprint to access I get the following message:

No se puede continuar

No se puede entrar usando el código de acceso

Introduzca la contraseña de la cuenta de My Kaspersky

(a button to accept appears but it is unclickable)

Somehow I’m unable to input the password


How can I input the password into the app?

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Hello @Roma2077,


  • On the android, in the KSK app, the first screen should be Enter the access codeForgot access code → image1, the following screen (if Forgot access code is selected) should be Sign in to My Kaspersky, with your email address already filled in → image2




  • When:  “Cannot continue Cannot enter using the access code, Enter the password for the My Kaspersky account” happens, is there a FORGOT ACCESS CODE option
  • Has the android been powered off & on since changing the password on the PC. 
  • As the password was changed on the www, first it will be necessary to sign into the app with your email address & password:thinking:
  • Please post images of all screens you see? 

Please post back? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Thank you very much for your quick reply.


I was able to use a small variation the method described to access the Kaspesky app on my Android device.

I was not able to click the “Forgot access code?” link when the fingerprint image was shown on the screen.

I was able to either use the fingerprint and getting the error mentioned on my first post or hit the return button from Android

I noticed that the App needed like 1 second between booting up and showing the fingerprint so I had to close and open the App a few times until I was able to hit the link “Forgot access code?” before the fingerprint image showed on the screen. Then I was able to log in with the new password.


Would it be possible to modify the app so that even if the fingerprint image is shown the “Forgot access code?” link is clickable?


Thank you in advance

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Hello @Roma2077

You’re most welcome:relaxed: !

We’re delighted the issue is resolved:cartwheel_tone3:

Regarding “modify the app so that, even if the fingerprint image is shown the “Forgot access code?” link is clickable?

In our tests, even if the fingerprint image is shown the “Forgot access code link is clickable after selecting CANCEL for fingerprint authentication ; also if Forgot access code is selected, the next screen - Sign in to My Kaspersky, instead of signing in, revert to the previous screen, which again offers fingerprint authentication & or code:






Thank you:pray_tone3:


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