Can't view YouTube on Kids phone

  • 22 June 2020
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My child cannot get on to youtube on his phone even though I have allowed www.youtube.com on the internet settings.  It may be that it’s an app, but when I check the list of applications for his phone it’s not listed in the dropdown of applications.  Is there any way to fix this please?

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Hello @Munster567


  1. May we know the phone type, name & version please?
  2. If Youtube is accessed via a supported browser, is Youtube accessible? 
  3. Is this a new install of KSK on your child’s phone? 
  4. Is KSK licensed? 

Please let us know?

:arrow_right:Application Youtube does show in KSK Application monitoring → KSK classifies Youtube app in the 12+ Age → Social Networks category

Youtube application → Allowed

Youtube application → Blocked 


Youtube application → Restricted



Note: KSK Web (Internet) activity monitoring &  Application monitoring are independent of each other, adding Internet permissions, for example allowing Youtube, will not be reflected in Application monitoring. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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