Can't Log in to Windows after installing Safe Kids

  • 6 October 2021
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I have 2 teenage boys that I bought identical dell (Windows 10) laptops for.  On one laptop I’ve installed KSK with no issues; everything works fine.  On the other laptop, when I install KSK, my boy can’t log in.  When I log out of windows and he selects his name to log in, it keeps cycling back to selecting his name.  He never gets to the screen to log in to Windows.  

I can re log in and uninstall KSK and everything works fine again, but I reinstall it and the same issue pops up again.  

Thank you for your help!

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3 replies

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Hello @Broncfan03

Thank you for the information!

  1. Is there any 3rd pty anti-virus installed? 
  2. There may be an issue with the KSK installation or with synchronising; we’d suggest removing the Microsoft account & creating a Windows Local/Standard account for your son, the Windows Local/Standard account can be associated with a Microsoft account after you’ve got KSK installed & working, or you may wish to contact support → Kaspersky recently changed the process, it’s no longer possible to log a case via (your) MyKaspersky account, the “support” options are:



Thank you:pray_tone3:

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OS Version 20H2

They have a Microsoft account.

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Hello @Broncfan03,


Please share with us:

  1. Operating system version, refer: How to find the OS version?
  2. Are the (boys) Windows accounts Local/Standard or are they associated with a Microsoft account

Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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