Can One View Videos Watched in Youtube App?

  • 9 October 2019
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I was wondering if there's a way to monitor what videos my child is watching in the Youtube app through my Kapersky Safe Kids subscription? I can look at the watch history on his phone, but he can delete that. Perhaps there's an option or a tab I'm just not seeing.

3 replies

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Hello @silk fire & @Erika123,

  • KSK now records Youtube & Internet search history
  • Note: any UNRECOMMENDED WEBSITE the child is not notified, no alerts are seen by the child access is not blocked. 

Thank you🙏🏽


I had the same query but Youtube supports safe search. I guess you can’t really check on what they are watching but limit their searches with respect to the forbidden categories.

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Hello @silk fire,
Safe Search in YouTube is supported, however, that functions by monitoring if your child searches something that belongs to the categories such as Adult, Alcohol, Drugs, Profanity, Racism, and Tobacco, Kaspersky Safe Kids defines this search request as forbidden, blocks it and displays a warning.
The content your child is permitted to watch is not logged.
Thank you🙏🏽

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