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  • 4 November 2019
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I noticed my child downloaded one of these apps that allow you to download free games Tutu App but when I look for it it doesn’t show up on the app list. How can I block it remotely?


4 replies

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Hello   @Mr Rogers 

Please tell us:

  1. (Child) device name operating system? version? build?
  2. KSK version?
  3. (Your) device name operating system? version? build?
  4. KSK version? 
  5. Is KSK licensed? (the free version has some configuration limitations)
  6. What is the Tutu app “age” rating? 

Please let me know?

Thank you

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Hello @Mr Rogers,

This may help:

KSK allocates Tutu to the Tools category

  1. In your MyKaspersky account > KSK Applications select Forbidden for TutuApp


2. MyKaspersky account > KSK Application Categories, select Forbidden for Tools 


  1. MyKaspersky account > KSK Applications, select Forbidden for Settings


  • NB: Settings should always be Forbidden


Other Categories you may wish to consider limiting:

Software downloaders: Software for downloading or sharing data, including torrent clients (for example, BitTorrent).
FTP software: Software for accessing or deploying FTP servers (for example, FileZilla). FTP servers are commonly used to store files (music, movies, TV series, and other information)

Unknown:  Category for software that is unknown to the app.

  • (imo) I would delete TutuApp from the child’s device, while Tutu itself is “safe”, it is a portal for other risky & unsafe apps. After deleting Tutu, I’d configure the Tools, Settings, Software Downloaders and FTP software to limit this type of issue recurring. 

If the above does not help, please let me know?

Thank you

Thankyou so much!!

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Hello  @Mr Rogers,

You’re very welcome!

There’s a further tool available within KSK, (Windows), BLOCK everything, then configure ALLOWED apps exclusions. 

If the child genius pushes the envelope that’s always an option:wink: .

Best regards