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  • 3 January 2020
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I downloaded this app to monitor my child's usage of apps such as tiktok and snapchat however this app has only hidden the apps so she can't use them at all. I could have deleted the apps myself and saved my money. Can anyone tell me how this monitoring app works so that I can use it appropriately?

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Hello  @Lilmistic76,


KSK functions slightly differently depending on the type of (child’s) device the software is installed on.

Please tell us: 

  1. Childs device: iOS name & version ? 
  2. KSK  version ? 
  3. Childs age please?

Please let me know? I’ll do my best to answer your queries.

Thank you:pray_tone3:


:one: On a child’s iOS device(s), Kaspersky Safe Kids hides apps that are not appropriate for your child's age. The icons are not displayed on the home screen. Specifically, Kaspersky Safe Kids hides all installed browsers on child’s iOS devices, because browsers have a rating of 17+ according to the rules of the Apple App Store. The child must use Kaspersky Safe Kids to browse the Internet.

:two: Kaspersky Safe Kids on child's iOS devices does not hide applications that have a rating of 4+ for children under 4 years of age since a rating of 4+ is the minimum possible rating for applications in the Apple App Store.

:three: Application category restrictions: Application use cannot be restricted on your child's iOS devices.

:four: Specific application restrictions: Application use cannot be restricted on your child's iOS devices.

:five: Application use reports: Reports are available only in the premium version of Kaspersky Safe Kids. App use statistics are unavailable for your child's iOS device(s). 

:six: Device use monitoring: On your child's iOS device(s), Kaspersky Safe Kids displays a notification that it's time to take a break. iOS devices cannot be blocked due to operating system limitations.

:seven: Allow app use on blocked device: This feature is not available for child’s iOS devices. 

:eight: Kaspersky Safe Kids Browser: An app that provides safe access to the Internet from your child’s iOS devices. If Web activity monitoring is turned on, other browsers installed on the device will be blocked.

Kaspersky Safe Kids browser blocks malicious websites designed to spread malicious code. The browser also blocks phishing websites which are designed to steal the user's confidential data and access, for example, user's financial info. The browser uses the Kaspersky Security Network cloud service to scan websites before you open them. Depending on the scan results, Kaspersky Safe Kids browser opens websites that are recognized as genuine, and blocks websites that are considered dangerous.

:nine: Kaspersky Safe Kids cannot block Safari on your child’s iOS devices.



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I had experience in using the [Removed]  software, and it’s very similar to what the author describes. however, I would like to know if Kaspersky has an alternative for that? Is that “ksk”? something that will work on both a computer and a smartphone. I would like to check what my daughter uses and see if ist’ possible to limit her time in some applications. Some of them really require money!

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Hello @ameerchantry,


  • KSK provides many Parental Control features, I always recommend, install the Trial Premium version, test it, make an informed decision. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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