Block device and/or Daily Limits on Windows laptop

  • 6 May 2019
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I have blocked my son's laptop begining at 8pm. I have also set his daily limit at 3 hours. I have sat by as he has continued to use the device both when the time has gone past 8pm and after 3 hours. I thought I saw in one of the topics that I have to choose one or the other; I can't both set a time limit and block the device after a certain time. Ok. It is not working consistently. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. The other day I told him to finally get off the laptop and I got an alert a few hours later that he was blocked; I had already told him to get off the laptop hours earlier.

The reason I paid for this was so the laptop would shut him out after a certain time.

Please help.

4 replies

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Hello Bejarr,
Would you kindly let us know please:
Version of KSK?
Device/s type/s?
Is it Windows running on the device/s please? (even tho the device type & opsys will not be contributing to the issue, it's always handy for us to know these details.
Just to confirm our understanding:

Device usage block 8:00pm onwards
Device usage time - 3 hrs (total) each 24 hrs

Child can use device AFTER 8pm despite restriction
Child can use device in excess of 3 hours

While you're gathering the info we'll do some KSK tests to see if we can replicate the concerns..
Doc refs (atm)

Please post back..
Thank you.
I'm using the Premium version. He has an Acer laptop which runs Windows. I set it to a weekday limit of 1.5 hours and a weekend limit of 2 hours. All weekend he was able to exceed the 2 hours. I never received a "Request for more time" because the app wasn't blocking him after he exceeded the time.

Thank you.
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Hello Bejarr,
Thanks for posting back.
Thanks so much!
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Hello Luiz Dias,

Thankyou for the information and the screen prints, very helpful!

Re: "export reports", don't worry, the info on the screen print helps!

Re: "duplicate screen", don't worry, two is better than none!

To recover from this you can uninstall & reinstall Kaspersky software, HOWEVER,

1. There's a specific process to follow, if you choose to uninstall/reinstall, please let us know so we can guide you?

2. Three months is a long time. It would be much better/safer: if we could look at the whole system before any changes are made.

As requested in my original reply, may we have a GSI please?
  • GSI - https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632#block7, include Windows Logs, upload the full GSI.zip folder to a cloud storage of your choice, e.g., OneDrive, GoogleDrive, MegaDrive...
  • Please post back the link?
If you're unsure or need assistance creating the GSI & or uoloading to Cloud Storage, please post back? We can help🙂

If you've followed Richbuffs direction, please post back and let us know if the problem is fixed or if we can further assist?

Many thanks.

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