Start-up from Kaspersky rescue disk fails [MOVED]

  • 28 August 2020
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Is there one of you who has a laptop MSI CR61 2M with a processor intel core i3-4100 M and clock speed 2.5GHz and 8 gb memory.

I use Kaspersky internet security and I have a usb stick with the iso files of the image kdr.iso. This is for creating a Kaspersky rescue disk.

I want to boot up this usb stick but this is not working. I have selected the usb stick as the first boot option in the UEFI without csm, but it does not start up when I boot again. See also the attachments. Should the secure control be off or on?

Please reply and thank you in advance.



10 replies

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Hi @gilberto, Welcome.

Your laptop can’t boot from an .iso file.

You have to create a bootable USB stick first.

HowTo: https://support.kaspersky.com/14226#block1

The USB stick must be formatted as FAT32.

It should contain a \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI file (and others).

Thank you kindly for your answers.
I already have a bootable USB flash drive where the 11 files get up. You can see this on the screenshot I took. I made the thumb drive with Rufus.
It should contain a EFIBOOTBOOTX64. EFI file (and others).
Are the files on the screenshot the right files?
On the printscreen you can see the file boot.efi
I set the USB stick to be the first startup in the UEFI and I have MBR set up, also Fat 32 and the iso file kdr.iso (596 MB).
What am I doing wrong? My laptop is MSI CR61 2M, processor intel core i3-4100 M, 8gb memory ,2.5gb clock speed.

Here is a printsreen of Rufus



Here is another  screenshot



Did you disable Secure Boot?

Is the F: volume FAT32 (right-click - Properties - File System= ?)

Did you try UEFI booting on another computer?

Did you try Virtual Box + VMUB and UEFI64 booting from the USB stick?





Yes, I disabled the Security Check. But it's not going to work either. I also tried to boot the kaspersky rescue disk on my Lenovo laptop, but it doesn't work on it either.

I don't use the virtual box because there are risks involved.

If I want to log into Kaspersky community, a notification will always appears in Russian to create another account. If I enter my email address, i'll get a notification that my email address already exists.

I had to enter a different email address and username to log in. Really not normal on kaspersky's website. See attachment

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


Another attachment.



I have the exact same situation i am waiting top hear what you do I am quite a novice but this has been a nightmare for me. Please let me know if for some reason you figure it out somewhere else besides here I would really appreciate it


If I burn the ISO to DVD, is the rescue disc bootable without further ado or not. 
The whole thread ends in nothing now.

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