Rescue Disk does not find network adapter

The Rescue Disk loads fine but does not find my wireless network card on my RCA tablet.. The card is the Realtek RTL8723BS Wireless LAN 802.11/n SDIO Network Adapter according to the Windows 10 Device Manager.

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@Dch48 Welcome.  Please check this K-Lab article https://support.kaspersky.com/14228

No, that does not help at all. I have to set up the connection on my other devices but they all show the available networks. The RCA tablet only says that no network device is present. The adapter does not even show in the hardware info but very little else does either.  Only the processor, motherboard, BIOS version, mouse, and VGA device show up. No networking or sound cards.  Even running the lshw or lpci commands from the terminal does not show any network device. It’s like it doesn’t exist. During boot the text scrolling by says that no network device is automatically found.

The tablet does not have an ethernet port either. It can only connect wirelessly. It is the RCA W101 V2 model.

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No networking or sound cards.

Without a solution from this Forum and if you have a valid Kaspersky license , please contact K-Lab Technical Support.

The only license I had was for Kaspersky Security Cloud Free. That was on another computer and is not in use because it was uninstalled.

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Hi, @Berny  the utility Kaspersky Rescue Disk  is supported here on the forum (4.2), @Dch48  wrote correctly.

@Dch48  сollect and attach a system report: https://support.kaspersky.com/14234

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@Dch48 Thank you for your feedback. As mentioned above by Friend , Tech Support for free Kaspersky products is not available.

This is the hardware report from the Tablet. It doesn’t even show the wireless card at all.


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@Dch48 FYI , from your system report :

* No Network device auto detected ...
* Starting NetworkManager ...
 [ ok ]
Connecting.                  1sConnecting..                 1sConnecting...                1sConnecting....               1sConnecting.....              1sConnecting......             1sConnecting.......            1sConnecting........           1sConnecting.........          1sConnecting..........         1sConnecting...........        1sConnecting............       1sConnecting.............      1sConnecting..............     1sConnecting...............    1sConnecting...............    0s [offline]
 * Marking NetworkManager as inactive. It will automatically be marked
 * as started after a network connection has been established.
 * WARNING: NetworkManager has started, but is inactive 



Yes, like I said, No Network device detected. It’s like it’s not there. All my other devices do not say that but they don’t automatically connect either. When Rescue loads, it says there are networks available and I can choose from the list and connect to my router. With the Tablet, it just says no network devices are available.

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Seems to require a Realtek driver update. Update in the next KRD version.

Which will be when? I figured it was an issue with the Gentoo driver repositories. I’m not a Linux fan because of the driver issues that seem to always crop up. Maybe the disk should be built with Windows PE instead.

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Probably next year.

As workaround you can download krd.iso every time when you want to scan your RCA tablet. ISO updated every day with actual bases.

Is it possible to update intel e1000e driver to latest 3.8.4 release in order to add support for I219 network card?

Thank you.

I met the same problem last month.:joy: