KRD Cleanup Does not Restart

  • 10 February 2021
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Yesterday I downloaded the KRD iso image and made a bootable USB drive.
I booted a Toshiba laptop that runs Windows10 but very slowly.
KRD found a Trojan!   Wehe!


As I finished I decided to use the “Cleanup KRD Artefacts” option.
The prompt said that this would remove the bases, the reports, close the tool and restart the computer.
The on-screen messages confirmed deletion of the artefacts but the tool did not close and the laptop did not restart.
So I chose the “Close” option which presented me with three options:
Logoff, Restart, Shutdown.
I chose Restart (and removed the USB key).
The tool closed and seemed to exit to a UNIX shell but the laptop did not restart.

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Hi, @Hurlzzz!

It’s very strange situation… It seems that KRD can’t find shutdown binary - i saw this case when USB had been removed before selecting reboot option in menu. When did you remove your USB drive device with KRD - before or after cleanup script?