Kaspersky rescue disc don't work.

Hi, I apologize in advance for my English, but I use google translator.

All in all, you can see everything on the film, nothing works.
I tried different options, i.e. burning a krd.iso image on a cd and booting from a pendrive. Each time the effect is the same.
Laptop to Hp pavilion 1050ew. The operating system is Windows 10 Home.

If you need more detailed information (logs or something else, I am asking for detailed instructions, I do not know linux, but I think I can do it).

All is here:

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The way with "echo $ {HOSTNAME}> / proc / sys / kernel / hostname" works perfectly :)

The problem is with startx.
I have a screen after entering the command, nothing changes, but "echo $ {HOSTNAME}> / proc / sys / kernel / hostname" works, so I'm glad the problem was found 🙂.

The picture shows that wifi is off, but only because I wanted to see if everything will start when I turn it off 🙂.
I started the startx command with wifi enabled, and no intended effects.