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  • 17 May 2020
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I was trying to make a bootable antivirus USB flash drive to see if I could start a computer that refuses to start. Using Rufus.p I tried to burn the file Krd.iso and make a bootable USB flash drive. In the process two flash drives were destroyed. I got no bootable flash drive and I lost two USB’s. What happened? If any one of these two USB’s that got damaged is installed the computer just do not start. I would like to know what happened. I follow instructions carefully. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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9 replies

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@LR.galar Welcome. Did you follow these instructions https://support.kaspersky.com/14226

To repair your destroyed USB’s please try to  proceed with a USB low level format tool.

Yes, I followed those instructions. [https://support.kaspersky.com/14226?_ga=2.218480287.783313248.1589747719-1332490821.1589747719#block1]. The first USB that got damage was for 3.5 Gigas I think,and seemed old. I said it got damaged because capacity was small, and seems to be an old USB. The send I used was I think 14 Gigas, and seemed to be new. Both USB’sgot damaged. Where can I find a “USB low level format tool”. Which “USB low level format tool” do you recommend. Of course I would like to repair the USB also. In the mean time the HD that I am trying to repair is stil wating to be repair. Hope to hear from you again!

I got back the two USB’s I had lost. The low level formatting worked well [HDDLLFsetup4.40.exe]. Thank you very much. And I learn a little bit more. But I am still looking for a tool to recover the disabled HD. Probably I will have no other chaise but to risk a few bucks, and buy paid software. Thanks again Berny!

Probably I will have no other choice, but to format the HD, and install clean a new OS. This is a personal computer. It is a little bit an old computer. Bios is probably from 2007. May be if I install the HD in a new mother-board it may start. I do not know if it virus. Probably there was a power outage (sudden loss of electrical power) and somehow one segment of the HD got damage. There is probably a way to put it up and running,and recover it. But probably it can not be done with free software. I would be willing to buy. But it is risky. there is not a clear diagnosis. If I buy a bootable antivirus, and it is no a virus. Or what about if I buy something to fix a partition problem, and it is a virus. It is guesswork. And money is in short supply. The HD I think is large (a little bit bigger than one tb), but it used to work well with this mother-board. Why it is not working now? I always back-up important information. This is for me a little technical challenge. Should I abandon the idea of recovering this HD? I have just tried [another] recovery disk (free) to no avail. It does not work. As simple as that.  There is no way to contact them (at least without registration). What do you say (if I may know)? Learning all this is time consuming. But I am interested in PC repair, to see if I can make an extra busk, and have fun. Have a nice day!

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@LR.galar We would like to help you but this Forum is specifically  dedicated to Kaspersky products.

Hi, Berny! Yes, I understand. I am sorry I mentioned a product from another company. Another tool a fail to mention before would be a POST card (plug-in diagnostic tool). It is difficult to say if the HD that I am trying to recover can be fixed, or if it should be discarded entirely. It could be partition (start sector), or it could be a virus. What I know is that Kaspersky bookable antivirus somehow ruined two of my USB’s. I must say that I recovered the two USB’s with the low level format tool that you recommended to me. I was thinking that the USB’s can be formatted and re-written many, many times. It seems that the low level formatting repaired them very well.  If you can suggest something to recover a disabled HD (that refuses to start)  I (of course) would appreciate that very much. [Also let me say I will try to learn from the tutorials that you offer. I have limited time (like everybody). Yours seems to be a big company]. Thanks!

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@LR.galar Please see my Post above your Post , unfortunately this Forum can’t assist you to recover your HD.

Hi, Berny. Ah, OK. I understand. Thanks! [I do not know how to mark formal end to this thread].

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@LR.galarYou are welcome, we amicably close this Topic.